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Kicking Coffee? Here Are Three Great
Alternatives to Morning Joe

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A morning cup of coffee is many things to many people: a wake-up ritual, an ignition of your mental engine, and a quiet way to enjoy the newspaper, to name a few. The only problem is, for many, it also comes with drawbacks.

While it certainly does perk you up, coffee can also leave you feeling jittery. Then there’s the caffeine crash – that unwelcome blanket of lethargy that dawns on you once the buzzy effects of coffee wear off. Finally, a significant drawback is the immediate and jarring effect coffee has on your blood pressure – more noticeable to occasional java drinkers than habitual, acclimatized coffee drinkers.

Whatever your reasons, if you want to kick coffee, you need something to fill the void. After all, part of the joy of a morning coffee is not so much the beverage itself but the ceremony surrounding it. Stash the coffee maker in the cupboard but keep the mug – and try one of these three healthy alternatives to coffee.

For an Immune Boost: Chaga Tea

Chaga is a mushroom that grows on birch trees in the Northern Hemisphere. It has a charcoal-like appearance and an earthy, slightly vanilla bean flavor. When powdered Chaga is mixed with hot water, it even looks a lot like coffee – the same deep, burnished hue.

But people don't drink Chaga for its appearance. They drink it for its immunity-boosting capabilities, as well as its abundance of minerals, antioxidants and vitamins. Classified as an "adaptogen," Chaga can also help calm the nerves, leaving you feeling more relaxed. You can try the chaga mushroom coffee from Rritual by ordering online – just note there’s no actual coffee, or caffeine, in it.

Choose Best Coffee

Read more about health benefits of using chaga mushroom, a superfood of the 21st century.

To Simulate the Real Thing: Cafféd’Orzo

During the Second World War, coffee beans were prohibitively expensive. But that didn’t stop the Italians from trying to satisfy their java cravings. To replicate the taste, texture and aroma of coffee, Italians started roasting, grinding and brewing barley. The results were a pretty good approximation of the real thing.

Although the war has long ended, cafféd’orzo remains a popular drink in some parts of Italy – partly out of nostalgia and partly because people have come to favor its unique taste. If you can get your hands on some barley espresso here in North America, give it a try.

To Keep a Little Caffeine Around: Yerba Mate

For the sake of argument, let's say you wanted to keep some caffeine in your morning drink. You could reach for yerba mate, the traditional South American infusion that’s practically a religion in Argentina.

Made by infusing the twigs and leaves of the local yerba plant, mate contains less caffeine than coffee, and users report feeling more alert and less “jittery" compared to drinking coffee. On the plus side, it also tastes quite good, with a pleasantly bitter eucalyptus aroma.

To get the most out of your morning drink, consider trying a combination of the above three alternatives. Chaga powder can easily be mixed into either cafféd’orzo yerba mate to create a robust, healthful and energetic start to the day.

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Chetan Sharma is a blogger and digital marketer by profession. He handles a network of multiple websites like hsslive and various others. He helps clients all over the world to achieve digital success.

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