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Why Popping Pills To Achieve Sleep is NOT A Good Idea

By Max Kezooki

Believe it or not, there are a lot of natural ways to get the sleep that you need without ever having to take in artificial ways and means to do so, such as pills and the like.

Our body is really capable of healing itself, if provided the opportunity to do so. Artificial methods to fast track cures are just quick fixes that temporarily mask the symptom of an even deeper cause.

Not getting enough sleep affects your whole life. Your mental, physical and emotional self could suffer. Insomnia could actually be a symptom of a more specific medical condition that could require medical attention.

But if the reason of your inability to sleep is due to your irregular sleeping patterns or because your mind and body could not make itself settle to a state of deep relaxation, the following are tips and advice that offer alternative if not better long term solutions to your sleeping problems.

Set the sleeping routine
It is important that a regular sleeping time or routine is established so that your body will easily get used to such a pattern. Consistency is the key. In due time, your body would in itself learn to naturally fall asleep on its own, and in an effortless way possible.

To be able to achieve such, it would be best if you write your action plan down. This includes the time you go to sleep and the time you wake up. Try to stick to your sleeping routine after one to two weeks. Your body may still be adjusting, so let it. Do not feel stressed, tense or strained. Do not be discouraged.

Your objective should be that a regular sleeping schedule must be established. Try to be awake every morning at the exact same time and do not oversleep. Sleeping a lot longer during the morning will cause you to feel disoriented and groggy.

The same goes during the evening. It is also best if you try to not take naps anytime the whole day. This could confuse the ability of the body to know the difference between night sleeping and day sleeping.

Determination and perseverance goes along way to be able to have a good night's sleep.

How was your bed last night?
Believe it or not, it is also necessary for you to take into cautious consideration your bed conditions as you slumber away. Again, the objective is comfort. As much as possible, avoid any form of irritations that could wake you up in the middle of the night.

  • The mattress you are on must be firm and comfortable so you would have sufficient and firm support for your spine. Bumps and lumps should be avoided.
  • The bed should also be large enough for your height and built. A sagging mattress could lead to insufficient spinal support.
  • Pillows must suit your own personal preference. It could be firm or soft. The important thing is that it is able to provide you with proper and adequate support.
  • Placing a herbal sachet under the pillow you are using could also help induce sleep.
  • Beddings must also be clean and crisp. Leaving the sheets not tucked in at the bottom of your bed makes your feet have the feeling of freedom, this is good for sleep.
  • Pajamas must also be comfortable and loose. Clothing that is tight could make you feel restricted and awake in the middle of the night.
  • Also, the bed must only be used for sex and sleeping. Your body and mind must be able to associate only these activities to your own bed.
  • If you have a sleeping position that you find is your favorite, stick with it. This tells your mind that this position automatically conveys sleep, and so it will.

Ever heard of chromatherapy?
Basically, chromatherapy is where color is used to promote health and treat specific maladies (one of which is sleeping problems). This involves some exposure to lights that have particular colors, massage through the use of oils that are saturated with color, visualization, meditation, wearing clothing with a particular color.

It has long been believed that there are colors that reflect each charka, and each emotion, organ or soul. Red has been found to stimulate adrenal glands, pulse rate and blood pressure while white and blue brought a relaxing and calming effect.

All in all, sleeping is a necessity. Make sure that you try the tips outlined and so get ready to sleep all your troubles away. For all the help you need to fall asleep easily, have uninterrupted and highly beneficial sleep, and wake feeling refreshed and renewed, see:

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