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Forget Gloves: Three 3 Keychain Touch Tools You Should Invest In Today

Your health is all you have. It’s your wealth. It’s what keeps you moving. So, always stay safe. And this is particularly true when it comes to safeguarding yourself against infectious diseases. Wearing gloves can keep you from touching contaminated surfaces, but at the same time, they could cause some harm to you. That’s why doctors recommend the use of a keychain touch or no touch tool instead.

Gloves create a separation between your hands and the doorknobs or the shopping cart, but they themselves harbor germs. Because of this, gloves are no longer more protective. Research shows that handwashing and social distancing are some of the most effective strategies for combating COVID-19, as well as, other infectious diseases. But how do you choose the best keychain touch tool? Well, keep reading to discover more.

Copper and Brass

Copper and brass are popularly known for their powerful antimicrobial properties. But despite having these properties, they can easily contaminate other items you’re carrying, including you’re your keys and phone. If you’re utilizing a copper device, avoid touching it to anything else. After use, carefully place it in a plastic bag.

The coronavirus can live on plastic and stainless still for up to 3 days. And when it comes to wooden materials, it can survive for up to 4 days. So, copper and brass would be an incredible alternative to wearing gloves. They both make great hands-free touch tools.

Keychain touch tools play a significant role in keeping you safe. They keep a separation between you and potential germs. And this is particularly important when touching frequently utilized buttons or handles. Aside from washing be sure to disinfect the touch tool immediately after use.

Gerber Shard

This touch-free hook is tough and strong. It’s well-suited for opening doors. You can either attach it to your keychain or backpack. Plus, you can choose to wear it as a pendant on your necklace.

Doubling as a hands-free tool and a bottle opener, this keychain is incredibly stylish and reliable. It also serves as a barrier between you and ATM pin pads, as well as, elevator buttons. And this in turn minimizes your risk of contracting the coronavirus.

Antimicrobial Door Opener

This handmade tool is designed to help you avoid touching door handles. It looks stylish on a chain necklace and can perfectly fit in your pocket. Sounds great, right? Well, that’s exactly what antimicrobial copper door openers are all about.

The Bottom-Line

Your safety is of utmost importance. And this is particularly true when it comes to your health. Keychain touch tools are small, hooked pieces of wood, metal, or plastic that can help you avoid touching contaminated surfaces. You can attach them to your belt-look, keys, or necklace for a hands-free button pressing or door opening. The above guide highlights some of the most popular keychain touch tools that can help you stay safe while in public areas. They’ve all been proven to be highly effective in preventing the spread of germs.

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