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Keeping Your Workplace Kitchen in Check

Workplace Kitchen in Check

Workplace kitchens are a crucial part of the modern office. They are an office hub, where employees not only refuel but can also connect and form strong working relationships. If you have an office, keeping a well-maintained kitchen can be an integral part of managing more effective staff.

How your workplace kitchen is kept is a crucial factor. The kitchen should be set up as a place that the staff will want to use. Design it to be comfortable, functional, and appealing. Below, we have put together several tips on how to keep your workplace kitchen well managed and maintained, so you can keep your staff happy and productive in the office.

Go for a Homely Design

An attractive, comforting design will be welcoming to your staff. Spending large sums of money on the details is not necessary, just make it somewhere functional, yet homely. Too glamorous or artsy can be a but off-putting, so choose a design and layout that suits your office but also exudes a welcoming warmth and a relaxing vibe.

A good balance of form and functionality is required here. If you are setting up a new office, ask your interior designer to pay special attention to the kitchen layout and design. Making this area or room a happy and homely space will offer many benefits in the long run.

Install A Water Filter

Quality drinking water is crucial in any workplace. Adequately hydrated staff perform better and are more productive at work. Consider investing in a water filter instead of buying bottled water to save on long-term costs. Not only will your ongoing expenses be less using a filter instead of purchasing bottled water, but you’ll be doing the environment a favour too by reducing plastic usage.

We recommend reverse osmosis water filters for the best filtration. If your office is small however with only a few employees, you may wish to minimize you expenses by simply using a jug water filter with a replaceable carbon filter. Both of these types of water filters remove particles, most chemicals, and bacteria to purify tap water into safe drinking water.

Make the Kitchen Smart

Smart office kitchens will make your workplace more efficient and functional. This is even more important if most of the employees are tech-savvy or from a younger generation. Not only will movement detecting sensor lights offer that “wow” factor, they’ll also save you in electrical bills.

You can also purchase smart appliances to increase the usability of the kitchen.

For example, some kitchen items that now offer app compatible versions include toasters, coffee makers, water coolers, microwaves, kettles and more. A smart kitchen will enhance business productivity as your staff will spend more time at the workstation and can set up a routine with the appliances for when they want to have their meals and coffee ready etc.

Workplace Kitchen in Check


Proper lighting can make any space bright and energizing. This is the kind of atmosphere workers need to reduce work-related stress. Natural light is even better than artificial, so keep this in mind when designing your space if you have options. Ensure that your office kitchen is well lit during the day and night, but not so intense that employees can’t relax and enjoy their breaks there. If you have natural light available, utilise it by adding large windows.

Ample Storage

One common mistake people make when designing their workplace kitchen is not having enough storage. This means things will be left out in the open, making the room feel cluttered and look dirty. Storage space requirements should be determined by the number of staff in the office.

Install cabinets and shelves to store dishes, glassware and foodstuff. Ensure your refrigerator is large enough for the entirety of the staff in your office. Store anything that might make the kitchen look messy a closed cabinet, and make sure all your staff know they are also responsible for keeping the room tidy with any used items packed away.

Keep It Clean and Organised

Another tip to keeping your workplace kitchen in check is proper cleaning and organisation. The place should be cleaned regularly to keep it looking nice. All dirty dishes must be cleaned immediately after use. Similarly, food leftover must be thrown into the trash bin – which should be emptied daily – immediately, to avoid pests.

Book regular inspections with building management or your local service centre for air conditioner maintenance and drainage checks. Nothing can ruin an employee’s day more than having no air con in a stuffy office or having kitchen or bathroom water flood into the office due to a blocked drain that needs cleaning.

Make sure that your office kitchen is organised to avoid messing it up. Put things back in the right place to avoid confusion. For example, you can have a dedicated cabinet for cups and another for places. This will help keep the workplace kitchen organised.

Appoint a Dedicated Person

If you don’t have a cleaner, you should have a roster of whose duty it is to clean the kitchen each week. If nobody takes responsibility for the kitchen cleaning; it will soon get messy. The dirtier/messier it gets the more resentment any staff member will feel if they have to clean it, so don’t let things get out of control. Make sure all the staff know that at the end of each week, unless their food is clearly marked in the fridge, any perishables will be disposed of to ensure nothing goes mouldy or putrid over the weekend.

Investing in an office kitchen is good for your staff and can be key to running a healthy and happy team of employees. In addition, hiring a team of workers that are OSHA 30 certified can be a smart decision since they are professionally trained under OSHA Standards and can efficiently upgrade the look of your kitchen. Utilize the above tips to keep things in check, and you’ll have one less problem to deal with at your workplace.

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