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How to Keep Spirits Bright in the Old Age

By Anne Harris

As we’re getting older, our physical and emotional condition changes. We become less immune to illnesses and our body undergoes significant changes. Our skin and muscles become less firm and our faces get wrinkled. These changes might damage the harmony between our mind and body. Some people don’t cope well with the fact that they’re changing and getting old. Others manage to accept that fact but they still don’t feel comfortable.

All these processes might lead to a feeling of sadness or desperation. Many older and retired people live alone, which combined with the effects above can lead to depression. More than 2 million US citizens aged 65 and more suffer from some form of depression.

But getting old doesn’t have to be colored with dark shades. In this article, we’ll share some useful tips on keeping spirits bright in the old age.

Reading positive content

According to the report published by Pew Research Center, more and more seniors use smartphones and computers. While this is a positive trend, the content you read that way will affect your mental health.

If you read “yellow” portals or websites, this influx of information might not be beneficial for your mind and body.

What’s necessary is to filter the content you digest on the Internet. Today, it’s possible to access dozens of websites that publish valuable cultural and educational content for free. Only in the Project Gutenberg database, you can read more than 60,000 books of classical literature.

If you use social media, follow mind-enriching and soul-invigorating pages.

As for traditional media, read newspapers and listen to radio stations that keep your spirits high. Avoid watching news, reality shows, and violent movies.

Joining an artistic group

Art is good for our brain in every segment of our life.

As you’re getting older, some functions of the brain become weaker. We can’t remember some names, events or facts.

If you notice that this started happening to you, it’s time to join an artistic group.

The type of art doesn’t matter here, as long as you feel comfortable in it. From joining a choir or singing group to becoming an amateur painter or attending dance lessons, there are many activities at your disposal.

Apart from the positive effect this will have on your brain, it will keep your social life and fashion habits fresh.

Seniors who just stay at home lose contact with friends and keep wearing the same combos of clothes.

Spending time with friends

The activities from the paragraph above will help you make new friends and revive your social life.

However, don’t neglect your old friends and acquaintances. When people get retired, they often isolate themselves from their former colleagues and friends. Many seniors, especially those that were very successful in their career, perceive retirement as a sort of defeat. They can’t handle the fact they don’t work anymore so they just give up on hanging out.

But this is where our will should remain strong. Those people would like to see you. If they’re still working, they might need a piece of professional advice from you. And if they’re also retired, maybe they’re experiencing the same emotional changes.

So, call your friends once or twice a week for a coffee and maintain your contacts.

Doing sports

Some people get disappointed when they need to retire, even though they’re healthy and physically strong.

Others, however, lose their self-esteem if they have a physical problem.

For both categories, doing sports regularly is a perfect solution for a comfortable senior life.

Working out slows down and alleviates the ageing process in the elderly. When you spend some time doing physical exercise every day, your brain starts working in a different way. It starts sending positive messages to your body, like ‘Hey, we’re still young if we can do this’. It works the other way around, as well – the general physical condition of your body improves, which has positive effects on the mind.

Therefore, find a sports activity that suits your physical condition. Some people are still able to play football or volleyball at the age of 70, while others can’t do that. Swimming, fast walking (walking in general), and cycling are some of the low-intensity sports activities every senior can do.

Playing board and video games

If you want to keep your mind fresh and your wrists in shape, games are the best option. Retirement and old age are like new teenage years. The only difference is that now you don’t have to listen to your parents, and you have your own money.

So, you can play board and video games all day long when the weather is bad. For instance, Risk, Monopoly, and various role-playing games are a perfect choice for every senior and his/her company.

On the other hand, video and mobile games are here to provide fun and education at the same time. App developers are paying more and more attention to this target audience so now you can play a variety of mind-boosting mobile games.

They will help you feel better and learn something new along the way. The fact that today you’ve learned something new is extremely beneficial for elderly people. This means that their brain still works properly and that they can gain new experiences.

Similarly, playing historical video games and strategies can help seniors remember some interesting things they haven’t thought about for ages.


Seniors are often neglected by society and even by their dearest ones. If you’re getting close to the retirement age or getting older in general, now is the time to take the bull by the horns and enjoy your life. You’ll have more free time and options to organize your day the way you want it.

If you read soothing educational materials and follow mind-boosting content on the Internet, you’ll feel better. Adding some socialization and sports activities to this formula will yield even more positive results. Finally, letting the air of modern technology into your room will trigger even more positive emotions. Through all these activities, you’ll accept your age and all the changes it brings in an affirmative way.

About the Author:
Anne Harris is an HR specialist working for She eagerly shares her knowledge with her audience on various blogs. When she isn’t writing or attending wellness conferences, she likes to pack her rucksack and ride her day away on her bike or spend time with her friends.

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