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How to Keep Your Mind Healthy During Lockdown

COVID-19 has affected all aspects of our everyday life. The fact people are being forced to hunker down in our homes and avoid social interaction has not only impacted our physical health but it’s also beginning to play with people’s minds.

It will take more than a healthy body to survive the Coronavirus pandemic. In this article, we try to give you some useful guidelines as to how best to keep your mind healthy too.

To keep your mind off the bad news surrounding them, people are – first and foremost – advised to create and maintain a daily routine. A predetermined schedule might sound tedious from a grownup perspective but people with kids will tell you how important routine is. And this goes for normal conditions too.

Eating meals at regular times, going to bed and waking up on a schedule are the basic elements of a good routine. It’s being argued that a routine helps people reduce what is known as ‘decision fatigue’.

So you’re under lockdown and have all the time in this world to watch the movies you haven’t got a chance to watch over the past year. There is enough time to read all your favourite books, learn a new skill and a new language. All true. But will you do any of that?

By setting a daily routine you just might get a chance to accomplish any of these things.

Having too much choice without an organised schedule can result in boredom caused by unstructured time. By creating a routine, you get to avoid anxiety spikes and depression pitfalls. That being said, a daily routine needs to involve time for friends and family. Thanks to technology, it’s nowadays easy to set up a video call where you can chat with all of your friends and family at once.

Don’t forget one thing, however. Alone time is equally important as family time. Having so much time on your hands is a great chance for self-reflection. Get in touch with your inner self and transcend the confines of your home. If you need help to do so, get in touch with where you can get a reading session through voice call or chat, perfect for lockdown times.

Reaching out to experts to clean your mind goes hand in hand with cleaning your body. And what better way to do so than by exercising.

Physical exercise is also a great way to keep your body and mind healthy. What’s more, routine exercising will help when you’re feeling low and can be a significant morale booster. You don’t need a built-in gym, a running track or set of dumbbells. All you need is to get moving!

Rope jumping, jumping jacks, high knees, push-ups, squats. The list goes on and can easily be found online. All you need is a strong will to get going. Choosing a practice day and writing down the schedule will greatly help.

You can get all geared up and pretend you’re going to the gym even if it’s only a short trip to your living room.

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