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5 Things to Keep in Mind When Opening a New Clinic

Opening a New Clinic

There are many reasons why people might want to open a new clinic. For instance, many doctors wish to practice in a clinic after they have retired from a hospital. Likewise, many charitable individuals might want to invest in a clinic to serve humanity. Whatever the reason for starting a clinic, make it accessible with medical equipment for every clinic. There are a few points that one has to keep in mind...

Things to Consider When Purchasing Equipment for a New Clinic

Stock Up on Gloves and Surgical Facemasks

Gloves and facemasks are the two things that are needed in large quantities in any medical setting. Thus, a clinic owner should purchase from a medical nitrile examination glove supplier who offers a decent price with quality. While placing the order for gloves, care should be taken to choose gloves that do not frequently tear while wearing them. Such gloves that cause allergic reactions on the hands and palmsif worn for long, should also be avoided.

Apart from gloves, clinics also require surgical masks in large numbers. Such masks should be chosen that are comfortable around the ears and allow air to pass through them. Also, you can choose masks with metallic bridges around the nose for added comfort.

Purchasing Comfortable and Patient-Friendly Beds

One must remember that beds for sick people are different from those for healthy people. Sick people are mostly immobile; hence they remain confined to their beds for long hours. Staying on the bed and in the same position makes them susceptible to bedsores. Thus mattresses for patients need to be fitted with air circulation apparatus.

Air mattresses are available in the market that pass air at regular intervals in the mattress to minimize the chances of developing bedsores. Also, the beds for patients need to come with a recliner or a backrest. The recliner will help the sick person sit whenever he wishes to sit.

Also, the beds purchased for a clinic should be foldable. In a clinic, it is advisable to keep extra bedding if a mattress or a bedsheet gets soiled.

Getting the Right Medical Equipment

Clinics need many medical devices with metal parts inserted within plastic or other materials, for example, a scalpel where a blade is inserted in a plastic handle. The metal part is the performing part which also gives strength and rigidity, whereas the plastic handle gives better grip and reduces the cost and weight. While purchasing such equipment, it is desirable that equipment be manufactured using medical insert molding techniques.

Numerous materials other than plastics are also used for insert molding, like silicone, rubber, and thermoplastics depending on the end use. Common medical equipment like simple needles, cartridges for a testing kit, biopsy needles, etc., are manufactured using insert molding.

Another good practice is the PTFE coating (Teflon coating) of medical devices like forceps, catheters, etc. At the time of procuring such medical devices, one should always ensure, for safety reasons, that a trustworthy ptfe sheet manufacturer has supplied the coating material. The major advantage of PTFE coating is that they are not sticky and can withstand high temperatures and corrosion. They can easily cover many metal and alloy surfaces like steel, brass, etc. The PTFE coating makes the tubes and pipes friction less, making them easy to insert into body parts.

Purchasing Thermometers and Sphygmomanometers

Measuring a patient's vitals like his body temperature and blood pressure are routine functions in a clinic. Thus, a new clinic should be well stocked with thermometers and sphygmomanometers ( instruments for measuring blood pressure).

These days digital thermometers are available in the market. They make reading temperatures easy. However, many doctors still prefer traditional thermometers where the body temperature has to be read from the mercury level.

Likewise, markets are also teeming with digital blood pressure readers. Again some prefer the traditional counterparts to the digital ones. Thus one should buy thermometers and other measuring instruments based on the preference of doctors.

Stocking Up On Medicines

When running a functional clinic, you need essential medicines, intravenous fluids, etc. A clinic can get a regular supply of medicines if it is located close to an existing pharmacy. Alternatively, you will have to build a mini pharmacy for the clinic to run.

However, stocking up a pharmacy can be a tricky affair. Almost all medicines have an expiry date beyond which they are to be discarded. Thus, the number of medicines will depend on the clinic's turnover. However, theproblems with excess stocks will ease after some months. After some time has elapsed, you will know which drugs are consumed and in what quantity in the clinic.

Opening a New Clinic


Setting up a new clinic might seem daunting at first. However, keeping a few crucial things like the quality of equipment, the supply of disposables, etc., in mind can make the process very smooth.

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