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How JuicyFields Can Help You With
Cannabis Business


Cannabis has become one of the rapidly expanding industries after being recognized as a natural supplement for health. Many countries are legalizing the use of medical cannabis for treating various medical conditions which makes it a safe place to invest in. The cannabis industry is expected to rise to 66.3 billion dollars by the year 2025.

What is JuicyFields?

JuicyFields is the first ever crowd growing platform which joins and aids people related to medical cannabis business. It promotes small level businesses in the cannabis industry and provides them a great opportunity to earn money in a little time span through the fastest growing cannabis industry. The aim of this platform is to provide people with easy access to medical cannabis products including CBD/THC vapes and oils. It associates entrepreneurs with manufacturers and distributors to ensure the sustainability of the cannabis growth business.

What makes it attractive?

JuicyFields provides a great opportunity to earn profit after every three months by joining a profitable grower’s cooperative. It saves people from the stress of finding licenses, wholesalers, distributors and pharmaceutical companies. The only task is to select the type of strain and the number of plants for purchase and the JuicyFields looks after the rest. A basic thing this platform demands is that the collaborator should be of minimum 21 years age.

What is the Legal Status of JuicyFields?

JuicyFields is a completely legal platform. All of its growers and processors, completely licensed, are working to cultivate and distribute medical cannabis in different countries. Its priority markets are Europe (30%) and Canada (70%), but some partners possess domestic trade agreements as well.

JuicyFields as a Crowdfunding platform

JuicyFields was founded in Spain, in 2017 and its focus was to conduct detailed research on cannabis and its marketing to build a platform that permits people to grow cannabis without coming in direct contact with the plants. It expanded in 2019 by linking growers and processors all over the world. The company earns about 15% from the sale of high quality medical cannabis under the brand name and the rest in assorted among its partners.

What distinguishes JuicyFields from traditional platforms?

Unlike other traditional platforms, JuicyFields provides a distinguished combination of growing and crowdfunding cooperative models. The platform serves its members in the best possible way and gives its members a handsome income for 3 to 5 years.

How to become a part of JuicyFields?

The best feature of this platform is that one does not have to spend time and money in getting a license. You just have to go to the official website and sign up for a grower’s account. One can access all the required information and the strain which he wants to buy and grow. The team guides you through about the selection of strain, its reviews and processes. The platform does not demand any professional skills from entrepreneurs.

What is the JuicyField’s profitability and minimum funding?

The overall profit depends upon the variety of strains. The information regarding the variety and its profit is made available in the grower's personal account. For example, for JuicyKush type one can be expected to earn 8,000-9,000€ of total profit in four years. The lowest funding for a profitable contract is 50€ where one can start earning after 3 months. Hence, this platform has not restricted cannabis growing industry to the riches rather it has encouraged the average level investors to become a part of this billion dollar industry.

More Information

The best and reliable way to reach the platform is through their official site where the guidance is provided regularly on time. Its social media pages and other grower’s groups are also very helpful.

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