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Job Interview as a Doctor Without Fear:
6 Tips for Your Success in the Job Interview

Prevent Medical Errors

Congratulations, you have been invited to an interview as an assistant doctor. But are you unsure of your chances or are you even afraid of this appointment? You don't need that.

With the six crucial tips from this article, you will learn how to convince in an interview as an assistant doctor. I will also show you where you can find support for your job interview. There are recruiters who will personally accompany you to this important appointment if you wish - completely free of charge.

1. You have the choice

In large parts of the labor market, constant change has been discernible for years: from an employer market to an employee market. This means that applicants in many industries can choose between several job offers. This development is particularly true of the healthcare sector.

Don't be intimidated when the head doctor takes part in the interview, as GAMSAT Tutors trained you; we believe you still remember those days. Rather, see this fact as recognition of your “market value”. Be aware of your strong position: you are not a supplicant, but a crucial pillar of the clinic. You have the choice and do not need to start the first assistant doctor position. Feel free to attend multiple interviews before making a decision. This gives you a good overview and allows you to compare the various employers with one another.

2. Find out more about the employer

Just as the employer studies your application documents carefully, you should also find out about them. You have already done this in the course of your medical cover letter; but now it's time to go into more detail. Do the integrated departments match your training goals? Are there critical voices on employer rating portals such as XING (external link)? How is the reputation of the house? If your interview for the assistant doctor position takes place in your university clinic, you will already have a lot of knowledge. If, on the other hand, you are applying to a different hospital, then I recommend that you do in-depth research.

Become clear about what is particularly important to you in an assistant doctor position. This process largely determines which questions you should ask during the interview. If you do not find any clues about important topics during your research, relevant questions arise.

At this point, the clinic website is a particularly good source of information for the interview. Above all, take a look at the doctors in charge and make a note of their names. We humans like to be called by our name.

3. Appropriate outfit

“Clothes make the man,” says the vernacular. Over time, HR managers learn to infer internal characteristics from external impressions. Regardless of the truth of such conclusions, however, you should not leave your outfit to chance.

Prevent Medical Errors

Basically, the following applies to your outfit at the interview as an assistant doctor: You can gain little with your clothes, but you can lose a lot. For example, you can use your outfit from the oral exam as a guide. Even if it sounds old-fashioned - it is better to stick to the usual standards visually and convince yourself in terms of content. Women should wear the following clothes for an interview at the hospital:

  • A costume or pants suit
  • A blouse with a restrained cleavage
  • Skirt at least knee length
  • Maximum light heels

Gentlemen don't go wrong with the following wardrobe:

  • Suit or shirt with jacket
  • Nice shoes
  • A tie can, but doesn't have to be.

4. Don't come empty-handed

I don't mean a bouquet or a present. A job interview as an assistant doctor takes about one to two hours. As a rule, there are a few questions and aspects that you should note down. So take a pen and paper with you. In addition, you can write down your prepared questions on the notepad and do not forget any.

Do you have other documents that were not yet available at the time of your application for the assistant doctor position - for example, the exam certificate? Then be sure to take them with you. A leather bag, a briefcase or a high-quality application folder will prevent you from entering the room as a “packhorse” rather than a doctor.

5. Practice self-presentation

It is the constant in every job interview: the self-presentation. It usually follows after your hosts introduce themselves. Now the stage is yours to showcase your particular strengths and experiences. After all, as an assistant doctor, you will later stand in front of strange patients and make serious diagnoses in brief. But don't be afraid: you can practice self-presentation.

As is so often the case in life, the spice of self-presentation lies in the brevity. Do not hold a long monologue, but focus on the information that is essential for the assistant doctor position. It is best to include the following content:

  • Your full name.
  • your age.
  • Your motivation why you wanted to become a doctor.
  • The time of your license to practice medicine or the current status of your dissertation.
  • Your most important professional milestones in brief.
  • And most importantly: your motivation, why you applied to this clinic.

6. Prepare questions and answers in the medical interview

The questions in job interviews are very similar. This enables you to provide appropriate answers. Above all, expect questions that relate to your letter of application as a resident doctor and information in your medical resume. Popular interview questions deal with your strengths and weaknesses as a trainee assistant doctor. Other typical questions from HR managers are:

  • How would you describe colleagues?
  • What qualities do you value in your manager?
  • Why are you applying to our company?

Answer honestly and naturally. Contrary to many fears, these questions are not a test. Your technical expertise is already evident from your medical application portfolio. Rather, your answers to the chief physician's questions in the interview are used to assess your personality traits as a hospital physician. But not only the HR manager is allowed to ask questions in the interview.

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