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Ground Your Human Energy To Be Safe

By Dr. Doris Jeanette

If you get as excited as I do about Spring Energy being all around you, here is an exercise to get you grounded so you can safely soar right into the sky with your energy of joy. I am an Aries and my fiery joy is so strong I have learned - the hard way- how to get and keep my energy grounded. Aries are accident prone, this is because we have such high energy and so much fire. It is easy to lose control when your energy is so fast. Yet, joy is the highest quality of fire so it is well worth the effort it takes to keep your fire burning brightly and safely.

What does grounded mean? Grounded means your human energy is safely plugged into the field of gravity. Just like the energy in your wall socket has to be grounded in order for the current to be safe—-you need to get your current plugged into the earth to be safe. Otherwise there are physical accidents, physical diseases, panic attacks and daily anxiety.

In addition to all the exciting and fun energy of spring around you, there are massive amounts of out of control energy in the environment around you. This affects you everyday. And of course, you need to be aware of the out of control energy inside of you, especially in your nervous system. Nervous energy is everywhere. Can't you sense it right now in your world? All our sensitive children certainly do.

With all these physical energy factors, it is easy to see why it is important for you to know how to get and stay grounded.

Try this exercise to get grounded
Different trees have different energy. Each tree gives you Oxygen to breathe and each tree gives you a certain vibration to energize you. Get to know yourself and get to know your trees.

Go sit with your back against a tree and sense the energy in the tree. See if you can tell the difference between your energy and the energy of the tree.

Relax your body with the tree until you become one with the energy of the tree. You will feel the difference. You will sense and discover an energy shift happening. Your body will feel like you drop down into something. You are dropping down into something. You are plugging into the field of gravity. This might take you hours to achieve if you have a great deal of anxiety in your body. Be patient and stay the course or come back and try again.

Once you notice the energy shift, do not move for a few minutes. Enjoy the feeling of being grounded. Then look around you and notice what you experience in your body, emotions and energy field. Especially notice the degree of vibrancy you are in, in the moment. This is why I named my newsletter "The Vibrant Moment." When you get grounded into earth, you become more vibrant.

Next, close your eyes and look inside you and notice what inner realties you experience in your body and emotions. Look for any movement of energy. Listen for sounds, notice smells, light, silence, space, weight, temperate, tingles, anything.

Take a deep breath and when you feel comfortable and like you can move, slowly move and take the ground with you. Stay attached to the ground, as you walk around. Enjoy your feeling of grace. Stay in this state as long as you can. When you lose the physical feeling of being grounded, make an active effort to get your energy grounded again.

Anxiety is the major static in your body and nervous system. Anxiety is what causes other humans to spit their out of control energy into your world. Anxiety is what keeps your body from being relaxed so you stay grounded. Only when your body can completely relax and let go of controlling, obsessing thoughts are you grounded.

Doris Jeanette, Psy.D.,is a licensed psychologist and emotional health coach who works with international clients by phone. She is speaker, radio host and author of "A Natural Process for Opening the Heart - Your Emotional Guide to Self Esteem," highly praised and used by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, MD in her later years and available as tapes, CDs or ebook.

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