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Jason Freskos Helps Find the Best Yoga Style for You

Yoga boasts countless benefits. Backed by research, yoga has been scientifically proven to improve physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Yet each individual experiences these differently.

In addition to being a CEO, broker, and entrepreneur, Jason Freskos is a seasoned yoga instructor. When teaching at his Stinson Beach-based retreat center or educating others, he often poses one question:

What do you want from yoga?

While it seems simple, answering this question is critical in determining what type of yoga each individual may be drawn to. Luckily, there is a style that can appeal to everyone. Jason Freskos recommends yoga techniques that fit each practitioner’s personal fitness goals.

Jason Freskos

Strength Training

Sometimes you just need a good workout. Vinyasa, ashtanga, or Bikram are styles that use rigorous movements designed to increase heart rate and strengthen muscles. Performed as a flow, vinyasa features fast-paced techniques that are coordinated with breathing. Ashtanga builds on this by repeating the same set of poses throughout each session. Bikram also follows a series of movements but in a room with temperatures exceeding 100 degrees. Known as "hot yoga," these classes can be extremely intense for beginners. Be mindful and take breaks as needed.

Stress Reduction

By comparison, slow yoga movements can be relaxing and restorative. These provide an ideal balance to high-energy exercise routines and overall stressful lifestyles. Traditional poses are practiced with the aid of yoga blocks, cushions, and even blankets explains Jason Freskos. These props provide additional support and ease the strain on muscles. Poses are also held for longer periods.


All types of yoga increase flexibility and mobility. Therefore, any style can provide these benefits. Pace and intensity should be considered when selecting a yoga type. Jason Freskos often prefers hot yoga. The heat adds warmth to the muscles to facilitate deeper stretching. Vin yoga is another strong choice. The longer length of time performing poses really lengthens muscles.

Injury Recovery

Restorative yoga can help practitioners cope with nagging injuries or lingering pain. Iyengar focuses on alignment. Using this style, Jason Freskos says, individuals will spend more time working on alignment and posture during each session. This can help alleviate chronic pain. It's important to start small, ease into any movements, and consult a doctor before giving any new practices a try.

Spiritual Growth

Kundalini is suited for those wishing to explore yoga's spiritual side. It centers on breathing, chanting, and meditation to awaken internal energy. The goal is to reach an enlightened state. Although it's powerful, kundalini can be challenging for beginners. Seek an experienced instructor, like Jason Freskos, if you're interested in trying this style.

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