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Some Commonly Neglected Health Tips

By Lyuthar Jacob

Here are some essential health tips that are too important to neglect, although all too frequently they are. These tips will help get you healthy and will easily fit into your daily schedule.

Want to have a look at the same? So get geared up!!

Be Fit

Being fit doesn’t always need to be strenuous, it can be fun sometimes. But if you strive to be fit, there is never an excuse. It can be as simple as strolling around a garden or running on a treadmill for 3/4 hour. If you add any of these or some other kind of exercises into your schedule, it would certainly do you no harm!!

However, it would also give you a chance for getting outside and breathing some fresh air. Additionally, it would maintain your body, and your muscles and brain would get stimulated. When you walk in the external environment, you get the extra opportunity to open up your upper torso and breathe extensively.

There are many people whom I meet while performing exercises in my daily routine. It is simply unbelievable, the effect that the morning exercise has on your mind and body. Some of those I meet agree to the fact that the exercise stretch gives them the time to ponder over their thoughts and take a decision. Some suggested that this time gives their stressful mind more clarity.

So it is always recommended to give this method a try. This is an awesome health tip to tone your body, but unfortunately it's often neglected.

Stop Eating Out

This is a self-explanatory health tip that everyone should follow, especially the youngsters. I am not of the opinion that all the places where you eat are detrimental to your health, but the majority of fast-food restaurants tend to to be dirty.

Also, the “eat out” places generally use processed foods, and generally contain a large amount of cheaply available salt and the low-cost palm oil. So whenever you go on your next date or night out, try to choose restaurants that have healthy items on their menu.


The next tip that comes to mind is the single word: water. Most people, irrespective of age, know they need to drink enough but many of them would prefer to drink some sugary juice instead of water. But this notion does more harm than good... Instead of drinks that include coffee, soda and processed juice, try to exchange for water. It is considered ideal for the human body to intake at least 2 - 3.5 liters of water in the span of 24 hours. So if you have water with you, it is not required to go and buy a soda bottle from the roadside.

Eat Slow

This last tip comes up with a good explanation... Whenever you are eating, chew slowly. Most people devour as if they have never eaten before. Instead, you need to enjoy your food very slowly and you won't make your body suffer.

So eat slowly and your meals will taste even better to you!!

Author Bio: Lyuthar Jacob is working as a blog editor at In the above post he is sharing the most commonly neglected health tips for your life.

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