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A Brief Introduction to HHC Cannabinoids

Comprehending HHC can be difficult since it was just released to the market. At present, only a handful of stores have it available, and typically in the form of vape carts. HHC is believed to provide many possibilities, So don't be surprised when you learn more details regarding cannabis.

While federal and state authorities continue to enforce a restriction for delta-8 THC, HHC now provides greater legal appeal and promises to those who are canna addicts. This is because HHC isn't a THC substance and is said to be able to escape drug tests. However, the evidence supporting this is merely anecdotal.

HHC is chemically known as 11-Nor-9b-hydroxyhexahydrocannabinol. The chemical is semi-synthetic cannabis and is a hydrogenated version of THC. HCC was first produced in 1944 by an American scientist named Roger Adams. To create HHC, Adams added hydrogen molecules to delta-9 THC, which converted THC into Tetrahydrocannabinol (HHC). This is known as a hydrogenation reaction. While Adams created HHC using the traditional cannabis-derived THC, The modern approach is currently being used. Because of the laws and regulations regarding the use and possession of cannabis, non-THC cannabis hemp and plants are utilized for the production of HHC.

In the case of purchasing HHC in bulk, Alternative Health Distribution is a reliable source.

How is HHC made?

As HHC is an organic semi-synthetic chemical, It is created in the laboratory. Molecules that contain low-THC cannabis are separated to provide certain cannabinoids that have the potential to compete with their relatives. HHC is formed when a specific amount of hydrogen is given to the cannabis compound, altering its chemical structures. A metallic catalyst is added to trigger a reaction with the substance. The catalyst boosts the reaction but doesn't harm the end product. The reaction itself creates HHC that wouldn't normally occur in nature. Palladium, platinum, and nickel are the catalysts used in HHC production. Once the reaction has been completed, these metal catalysts are removed.

How Safe is HHC?

As with all hemp-derived cannabinoids discovered, there is very little information regarding the immediate and long-term impacts of HHC. There aren't any standard doses for these compounds, including HHC. Because hemp-derived cannabis isn't subject to the cannabis laws of states that allow adult use, producers and retailers do not examine their products. Ultimately, the purity, safety, and effectiveness of hemp cannabis (HHC inclusive) cannot be guaranteed.

Some retailers do allow testing of their HHC products with third-party labs. 

How potent is HHC?

There is no consensus to be found on the effectiveness of HHC. The reason is that when cannabinoids are created, it is composed of two distinct kinds of HHC molecules. The molecules are the 9R HHC as well as the 9S HHC. While 9R HHC is active in binding to the body's receptors for endocannabinoids, 9S HHC isn't able to bind due to the differences in its molecular structure. These 9R HHC compounds that are able to fit inside the receptor exhibit similar effects to delta-9 THC but with a greater dose. Therefore, when you have a substantial amount of HHC dose, effects reminiscent of THC can be observed. Simply put, HHC could be as effectively similar to THC in the body and mind; however, HHC is of lower potency than the delta-9 THC.

A few HHC users have stated that HHC produces a pleasant and normal cerebral high. There are also reports of HHC helping to relieve pain. Some say they feel energetic, sharp, and strong after taking HHC to relax.

Where can I purchase HHC products online?

At Alternative Health Distribution, you'll find a wide selection of high-quality hemp-based products. It is possible to purchase HHC in bulk and wholesale quantities in online from their website.

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