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An Intro to Vaping: Everything a
Beginner Needs to Know

Intro to Vaping

Did you know that back in 2005, 20.9% of adults in the U.S. smoked tobacco cigarettes?

That's right!

Then in 2016, the prevalence rate dropped to 15.5%. That's a 5.4% decrease in smoking adults. Moreover, the number of smokers who quit increased to 59.0% from 50.8% within the same period.

This is great news, seeing as tobacco smoking claims 480,000 lives each year.

The increase in electronic cigarette usage may help explain these changes. The daily use of e-cigs, after all, has shown to raise a smoker's odds of quitting by 77% within the next two years.

So, how exactly do e-cigs and vapes help?

This intro to vaping will help you better understand how these devices work, so be sure to keep reading!

Your Intro to Vaping Safety

Let’s start this vape guide by answering the question, “Is vaping safe?”

Yes, especially when compared to tobacco cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes can be up to 95% less harmful.

How so?

For starters, the use of e-cigarettes doesn't involve combustion.

Whereas traditional cigarettes burn tobacco, which is primarily what makes them dangerous. It's the smoke of burning tobacco that contains more than 7,000 chemicals, 69 of which are carcinogens.

Also, it's the combustion that creates toxic gases, including carbon monoxide (CO). Yes guys, it's the same CO that your car fumes contain!

Now, e-cigs do create vapor, but that's different from smoke produced by combustion. The "mist", or aerosol, comes from heating up e-liquid or e-juice. This is why (among several other reasons) vaping is safer than combustible cigarettes.

Note that even the CDC says that electronic cigarettes can help adults who want to stop smoking. If used as a complete substitute for cigarettes, they could help make it easier to stop smoking.

Breaking Down Vaporizers

One of the most important vaping basics you should know is the anatomy of a vaporizer. Knowing their parts and functions will help you choose the right device to start vaping with.

  • The "Drip Tip"
    Also called the "mouthpiece", this is the part that comes into direct contact with your mouth. This is where you take a "drag" of the aerosolized e-liquid.

    Drip tips are customizable and available in all sorts of sizes and shapes. This allows vapers to choose a mouthpiece based on how easy it is to drag from or how much vapor they want to produce.

  • The Tank
    The tank houses the e-juice cartridge and atomizer, so it should be durable and sturdy. The size of the tank also dictates the size of the e-juice cartridge, so the bigger the tank is, the more juice it can hold.

    You'll also find tanks in many different designs and shapes, like those you'll see on this website.

  • The E-Liquid Cartridge
    As the name suggests, this is the part that stores precious e-liquid. Except for disposable vape pens, the cartridge is reusable and refillable.
  • The Atomizer
    The atomizer contains the wick and heating coils, which heat up the e-liquid. Taking a puff on a vaporizer triggers the atomizer to turn the juice into aerosol form.

    Modern atomizers come with customizable coils, which allow you to adjust heating levels. Doing this gives you the freedom to either up or reduce the amount of vapor you can produce.

PG vs VG: Choosing Between the Two E-Juice Bases

Safe vaping for beginners starts with determining if you have e-liquid allergies. Although rare, some people have had allergic reactions to propylene glycol (PG). PG is a type of food additive and is one of the most common base ingredients in e-juices.

The symptoms of PG allergies are minor though, with the usual being mouth and throat dryness. Others have had upper respiratory irritation after inhaling vaporized PG.

Vegetable glycerin (VG), on the other hand, appears to be less irritating than PG. It is, after all, used in many pharmaceutical products and nutritional supplements.

Do note that the FDA classifies both PG and VG as "generally recognized as safe". Still, it pays to be careful, especially if you've had food allergies before. It's best to get tested first to know if you're sensitive to these e-juice ingredients.

Disposable vs Reusable Vaping Devices

There are actually three main types of vaporizers: disposables, vape pens, and mods. The third one is for advanced vapers though, as it involves modifying the device, hence the "mod" term.

Since you're a beginner still learning about vaping basics, we'll focus on the first two.

  • Disposable Vapes
    Also called "cig-a-likes", disposables are devices that run out of e-liquid or battery. They're ready-to-vape, and once you've consumed its contents, you throw them away. Since they aren't rechargeable, they're very compact and don't require accessories.

    These are the features that make disposables the lowest-cost vapes in the market. That's why they make for a good starting point for beginner vapers.

    A disposable vape may be an ideal choice if you want to explore your options first. Since they're cheap, you can try a few devices to find the style (i.e. pen or pod) that best suits you. You can also check out a few e-juice flavors first to determine which one you like the most.

  • Reusable Pens or Pods
    Reusable vape pens or pods feature a rechargeable battery (hence the "reusable" term). But that's not all -- their e-liquid cartridge is refillable and reusable as well. They also come with interchangeable cartridges, which allow for more customization.

    Also, reusable vapes provide more powerful hits than disposables. They also create more vapors, which is a plus for those who want to chase a lot of clouds.

    Best of all, they're a greener choice since you'll use a single device several times. This then reduces your waste and footprint, since you can use each device for a much longer time.

All these features make reusable vaporizers initially cost more than disposables. But their reusability makes them more affordable in the long run.

Make the Switch to Vaping Now

There you have it, your brief but concise intro to vaping, how it works, and why it's safer than cigarettes. Now that you know the most important vape basics, you can make a more informed choice on which device to invest in.

What's important is to make the switch from tobacco cigs to vaping as soon as you can. The sooner you do, the higher your chances of permanently kicking the habit.

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