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The Integrative Dental Approach Ensures
Holistic Medical Care

Integrative Dental Approach

Nowadays, traditional medical treatments are undergoing paradigm shifts as it adapts a more holistic approach by focusing on the person and not only the disease. The shift is also visible in dental treatment, which people look upon as integrative dentistry to describe the treatment's holistic nature. Dental care has always been patient-specific. The new approach that recognizes the intimate connection between systemic health and dental health allows the inclusion of interdisciplinary care explicitly customized to address the underlying causes of the disease instead of treating the symptoms only.

Looking beyond teeth and gums

In today's dental treatment that takes an integrative approach, dentists look beyond the teeth and gums and delve into patients' overall health condition to identify the root cause of the problem. The treatment brings to the table the most comprehensive dentistry that involves the state of the art technology and advanced techniques coupled with the best scientific principles and clinical practices to create a whole-body approach in oral health that addresses overall wellness.

A preventive and holistic approach

Besides taking a holistic approach to treating oral diseases and ensuring oral care, the integrative approach is more pro-active because it aims to prevent the condition rather than treat it later. Integrative dentists focus on maintaining patients' overall health that automatically takes care of oral health and prevents diseases. They perform treatments that have long term positive effects and provide advice about lifestyle and nutrition as these can impact the overall health. Therefore, dentists are expanding their scope of treatment and stepping out of the traditional line of dental treatment that focuses on oral health only.

Kinds of Integrative dentistry

The integrated approach in dental treatment has its subsets that include integrated body systems and integrated methods.

Integrated body systems – The philosophy of integrative dental treatment revolves around the mouth-body connection. Dentists now believe that what happens to the mouth or oral health impacts the rest of the body. There is a clear relation between overall health and oral health. Since the teeth, gums, and the mouth have deep connections with the other body systems and the mouth is a vital organ, it is natural that for a healthy body the oral health must complement the overall healths; there is integration between these. The dentist now believes that the mouth is an integral part of the body and holistic health. The mouth is the gut's entry point, and the gut is mainly responsible for keeping the body healthy. When the mouth is healthy and facilitates proper chewing and swallowing, it ensures better food digestion and improves overall health.

Integrated methods – When dentists consider integrating the body systems, they take a similar integrated approach in the treatment methods. Integrative dentists combine alternative and traditional treatment methods as the blended approach ensures holistic treatment that can help to achieve better results.

Today, dental care is an integral part of medical care that can take care of people's overall wellness while addressing issues related to oral health.

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