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Should You Install Porcelain Crowns?

If you have any tooth that was damaged by decay or broke, your dentist has probably discussed with you the possibility of having a crown installed. It is a very widespread and accessible treatment, allowing you to choose from a diversity of materials. Quite often, when getting crowns porcelain is the most optimal choice. Let’s consider the pros and cons of having porcelain crowns.


  • Natural. Crowns from this material will look just like real teeth. It is easy for a dentist to mimic the appearance of your own teeth with great precision. Such crowns are especially great when you are considering putting crowns on your front teeth for aesthetic purposes;
  • Biocompatible. Other types of crowns may contain different metals and metal alloys that may be prone to corrosion. Additionally, it is safe for patients with allergies who may have a reaction to crowns with metal in them;
  • Easier to treat. If you happen to have a problem with your tooth below the porcelain cap, your dentist will use X-rays and see if there are any cavities or inflammations.


  • Regular maintenance. To avoid problems, you need to take really good care of your mouth cavity. Brushing and using floss, wearing a mouth guard if you are doing aggressive sports, and visiting your dentist twice a year to see if your own tooth is healthy underneath the crown are all a must. When properly taken care of, your porcelain crown will serve you for up to 15 years. Otherwise, a replacement is likely to be required after 5 years or even sooner;
  • Fragility. Eating very hard food (nuts or ice, for example) or trying to open a package with your teeth can cause chipping or cracking of your porcelain crown. Having this type of crown is also not an option for those who grind teeth (a condition known as bruxism);
  • Cost. Porcelain crowns are at the top of the price range, especially if you don’t have medical insurance.


Surely, porcelain crowns may come with a set of possible issues. If you can afford them, adhere to oral hygiene, and need the aesthetics of natural teeth, you should definitely opt for them. However, if there is a possibility of you damaging them, consider different, more durable material. To learn more about how porcelain crowns are installed, head over to the site. 

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