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Finding Inner Peace: 10 Proven Benefits
of Yoga and Meditation

Finding Inner Peace

Stop holding onto all of your stress and not doing anything about it. You can easily find your inner peace with yoga and meditation.

Keep reading to learn the ten proven benefits of yoga and meditation...

The History of Yoga and Meditation

The main difference between yoga and meditation is that yoga is an exercise whereas meditation is a mindset or thought process. Let's take a look at each of their histories deeper so we can better understand them.

Yoga History

Yoga began back when people were still trying to figure out what life was all about and what it meant to be alive. It's so old we can't actually trace when it was started and who invented it.

The word 'yoga' originated from the root 'yuj' which can be translated to 'to yoke.' Of course, the word 'yoke' isn't commonplace in English today but it basically meant the union of two animals. For example, you would yoke two animals together to pull a carriage.

Yoga is a union of the body, mind, soul, and egos, making it the perfect term to describe yoga.

Meditation History

Meditation comes from the word 'meditatum' which in Latin translates to 'to ponder.' This is an apt name since meditation is all about looking inward. Like yoga, we can't track exactly when meditation was created or invented, but it seems it's as old as humans itself.

Many findings point suggest that the hunter-gatherers originally practiced some ancient forms of meditation and can even be referred to as shamans. Their teachings were orally taught from one generation to the next creating our modern-day form of meditation.

The 10 Proven Benefits of Yoga and Meditation

Now that you understand how yoga and meditation began, it's time to go over their proven benefits:

  1. Will help decrease stress levels
  2. Helps to relieve any anxiety
  3. Overall improved heart health
  4. Improves your quality of life
  5. Help fight off and prevent depression
  6. Reduce chronic pain
  7. Improve your sleep quality and help you fall asleep
  8. Helps you become more flexible and well-balanced
  9. Improve breathing
  10. Increases your overall strength

It only takes about ten minutes of meditation a day to start gaining these benefits. You should aside at least ten minutes for meditation and then about 30 minutes for yoga. It only takes less than an hour to start improving your life today.

If you're worried about needing a ton of equipment, then be sure to check out what you need when you're just starting yoga. It's a lot less than you'd think and makes it easier to get into the right mindset.

Get Started With Yoga and Meditation Today

Now that you know the ten proven benefits of benefits of yoga and meditation, get started today. You don't need too much to get started and you'll be happy you did.

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