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Need a Boost? How to Improve
Your Nutrition Awareness

Improve Nutrition Awareness

Poor nutrition is a global issue; however, even in developed countries, populations find themselves undernourished and suffering from various health ailments. In fact, in the United States, up to 80% of people don't get enough fruits in vegetables in their diet.

With that being said, there are ways to improve your nutrition awareness and increase your consumption of healthy food while living a healthy lifestyle. How do you do it? We have the answers in this simple guide!

We will walk you through simple techniques to improve your nutrition awareness with ease, so let's get started!

Drink Water

When it comes to healthy fluids, nothing beats H2O! Water is vital to your nutrition as it helps lubricate your eyes, nose, and mouth, carries oxygen to your cells, helps flush toxins, and more. It is recommended that you drink an average of eleven cups of water per day.

It can be difficult to draw awareness about your water consumption, though, so to help you get your fill, consider setting a hydration reminder on your phone to remind you to drink a glass of water several times throughout the day. Also, consider adding healthy additions to your water, such as sliced cucumber or lemon, to encourage you to drink!

Stay Seasonal

A great way to live a healthy lifestyle is to familiarize yourself with local and seasonal produce in your area. Buying seasonally from local farmer's markets will ensure that you are getting fruits and vegetables at the peak of their freshness which means they have more nutritional value.

Additionally, local seasonal produce will be free from preservatives and chemicals that are often added to canned or frozen foods. Try planning meals based on whatever is available in season rather than purchasing ingredients based solely on a recipe. Check out for more ideas!

Consider Portions

Over 52% of Americans are aware that their portion sizes are larger than they should be; however, not many are making active changes to correct the portion disproportions. Part of nutrition awareness means recognizing that even healthy foods can cause weight gain and other complications if eaten in excess.

Bringing awareness to how much of your favorite foods you should be eating, or cutting back on, can help you manage your health more effectively. Consider working with a nutrition coach to adjust portions correctly and get the nutrition tips you need to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Nutrition Awareness For You

These simple steps can bring nutrition awareness into your daily routine without disrupting your lifestyle! Simple changes like these can help you get more healthy food into your diet and increase your overall nutrition. Just remember, even small changes can add up to create big differences in your life!

We would love to connect more with you on all things personal growth related! Visit the rest of our site today for more informative reads like this one!

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