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5 Important Facts about Dripping

Several safety considerations will need to be taken into account when dripping even if you have the best vape kits by Vaping360. Some vapers may deny it, but dripping poses a risk compared to a more controlled release of e-juice. Although it’s not inherently dangerous, you need to take into account these 5 Important Facts about Dripping.

The best thing regarding vaping is that it allows you to be in control of your nicotine intake as compared to regular cigarette smoking. Nicotine can be very addictive, but a vaping device will help you control and manage the amount of nicotine intake.

However, as much as you can monitor your nicotine intake by observing the mg level on your equipment, you should be aware that the vaping device you use can have a massive effect on the levels of nicotine your body absorbs.

A primary device features a more controlled release of the e-liquid while the more advanced sub ohm device will increase nicotine dosage absorption. So, you’ll need to adjust the mg level of your e-juice to compensate.

1. Dripping Does Not Need to be Dangerous

When dripping, you’re manually in control of the dosage. If you’re a first timer in vaping, you need to be careful how you measure the quantities of the e-liquid that is released; otherwise, you risk overdosing. If you're a beginner, you’re safer with an entry-level device that automatically controls the release of the e-juice so that you won't ruin your vaping experience.

However, if you’re manually dripping, take into consideration some safety measures for a full, enjoyable vaping experience.

2. If You Accidentally Drip on Your Batteries, Don't Vape

Accidents do occur, and you can accidentally drip on your batteries. If this happens, you'll notice smoke or fumes from the cells. To avoid a hazardous situation, you must stop using the vaporizer immediately.

Also, if you accidentally drip on your batteries, they can fail to function correctly.

3. Get the Drip Right

When dripping, avoid messing the parts of your equipment so that you don’t end up dripping on the components of your device which are sensitive to the e-liquid. So, apart from watching your dosage, get the drip right and aim for the coils with extreme accuracy.

4. Myth - Dripping is Unhealthy for You

The Vaping industry is still young but quickly advancing. There are many myths and untruths surrounding vaping practice. One such falsehood is that dripping is unhealthy for you – there's nothing harmful in dripping. Since you’re in control of your e-liquid, this should not be a reason to use dripping to overdose nicotine.

5. You Can Drip and Still Use Your Normal Mouthpiece

Coils are hot, and you cannot touch them directly. Dripping does not mean that you inhale the vapor directly from your loop – this myth is entirely unfounded. Dripping means that you manually drip the e-liquid on the coil which gets heated up to produce steam through the mouthpiece. A mouthpiece is essential since it protects you from touching a hot loop.

Dripping is not a dangerous practice but, you should take into account the precautions we've discussed in this article for you to enjoy a full vaping experience.

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