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The Importance of Double Cleansing Your Skin

Your best bet for good skin is to double cleanse. I am a double cleanse for life girl. And it will never change. I realized how easy it actually is when it becomes part of your normal routine and how gentle it is for your skin and nourishing and replenishing and just really gets everything off without stripping your skin. It was like a game-changer. My skin completely changed once I got into double cleansing on a regular basis. I also started using tretinoin and retinol. If you're not familiar with the plans what I'm referring to is starting with an oil-based cleanser to break down and soften your makeup and then moving into using a second cleanser which is usually a water-based cleanser like a gel or cream cleanser to then remove all the rest of the makeup. 

Again, on cleansing, this actually has nothing to do with cleansing your face but this time it's all about cleansing everything that will touch your face so this goes for your makeup brushes, your sponges, your fingers. You want to avoid purge caused by tretinoin. If you're going to be touching your face like putting on your sunscreen or something, make sure your hands are clean before that. It is so important because one of the reasons why you might be breaking out is because you might be transferring bacteria on to your skin so you want to make sure that anything that touches your skin is always clean.

That also goes for your pillow cases and this is one where people have a little bit of a harder time. They start to realize like oh my gosh I really haven't changed my pillowcase enough. You know some people will recommend that you actually change your pillowcase every night. I think that's a little excessive. I don't have the time and the energy to just constantly change my pillowcases but at the minimum you should be changing your pillowcase every week. For more info on niacinamide check this article:

Use a cream that has caffeine in it for your eyelids. It is going to be wise because caffeine and it can actually tighten that skin. Some people think I need to put dandruff shampoo on my face for fungal acne as well. It can help due to the active ingredient in end this type of dandruff shampoo is there a lot of other causes of acne and so instead of washing your face with a dandruff shampoo wash your face with a salicylic acid cleanser. Those things help improve acne, leave the shampoo for your hair. Then using antifungal like that can actually work but there's also fragrances. A lot of other chemicals in these products in your hair, not for your facial skin.

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