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How Immunocompromised People Can
Protect Their Health During a Pandemic

Being immunocompromised can be difficult even in the best of times, much less during an active pandemic. Although the readily available COVID-19 vaccines have given many of us cause for hope, the novel coronavirus and its growing number of variants still present an active threat to millions of Americans, particularly those with compromised immunity. Fortunately, while protecting your health may require a heightened degree of vigilance, it’s far from an uphill battle. So, whether you or a loved one suffers from weakened immunity, the following pointers are likely to prove useful...

Protect Health

Get Vaccinated at Your Earliest Convenience

Getting vaccinated is the most effective step you can take to keep yourself safe from COVID-19. Unless you have a medical condition that makes vaccination unsafe, you’d do well to get vaccinated posthaste. The more people get vaccinated, the less able the novel coronavirus is to develop variants. Furthermore, the sooner the vast majority of the populace is fully vaccinated, the sooner we’re likely to see a true return to normalcy. Although everyone who’s able to get vaccinated should do so at their earliest possible convenience, it’s particularly important for the immunocompromised.

Given how widely available COVID-19 vaccines are in the U.S., you have no excuse not to get vaccinated. Furthermore, unlike virtually everything else related to medical care in the United States, COVID-19 vaccinations are available free of charge at an expansive number of medical facilities, pop-up clinics and pharmacies. It’s also important to remember that getting vaccinated doesn’t just protect your health, but the health of everyone around you. So, regardless of how concerned you personally are about the threat COVID-19 poses, getting vaccinated is tremendously helpful to public health.

Continue Masking Up

Even though a number of states and businesses are beginning to relax their mask mandates – if not get rid of them entirely – it’s still recommended that you mask up when venturing out in public. For one thing, while the currently available vaccines offer a solid amount of protection, they aren’t perfect – no vaccine is. As is the case with other viruses, breakthrough cases of COVID-19 have been known to occur. However, it’s important to note that being fully vaccinated makes you far less likely to develop a severe or fatal case of COVID-19, even if the novel coronavirus does manage to infect you.

Given how much of the populace remains unvaccinated, it’s safe to assume that many of the people you see walking around without masks have not received the vaccine. Not only will continuing to mask up help protect you from being infected, it will also help protect other people – particularly the unvaccinated – from any breakthrough infections you unknowingly develop. As an added bonus, wearing a mask not only helps protect you against COVID-19, but a number of other viruses as well. That being the case, there’s little wonder as to why masks were such a common presence in other countries long before the novel coronavirus reared its head.

Work Remotely

As many enterprises and industries have come to discover throughout the course of the pandemic, reporting to a formal workplace is extremely overrated. As it turns out, most desk jobs can be done efficiently from the comfort of home, and unsurprisingly, many members of the workforce now favor remote work over going into the office. Remote work can be particularly beneficial to people with compromised immunity, as it prevents them from having to spend their days in a closed space with dozens of potentially infected individuals. If this describes your situation, talk to your bosses about allowing you to switch to remote work – provided your employer has yet to embrace telecommuting. Additionally, if you’re not comfortable with seeking medical advice in-person at the present time, simply schedule an online doctor appointment.

Protect Health

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a tremendous toll on all of us. Even if you’ve been lucky enough to avoid contracting the novel coronavirus or losing anyone to it, there’s a good chance the pandemic has had a lasting effect on your life. Although everyone has been impacted in one way or another, this has been a particularly difficult time for people grappling with compromised immunity. Given COVID-19’s highly infectious nature, people with genetic weaknesses to viruses are at an especially high risk. So, if you or someone in your life is trying to weather the pandemic with compromised immunity, consider the measures discussed above.

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