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Hypnosis and Raikov Effect

Hypnosis and Raikov Effect

It’s a matter of common observation that a father wants to make his children what he could become. For example, a failed medical student would strive hard to make his son/daughter a successful medical expert. The story goes true for almost every parent. Thanks to this whimsical approach, the parents prohibit the natural emotional growth of their kids. Resultantly, the kids do grow but physically and not emotionally. The entire life, the kids can't see the world through their glasses. They can't walk on their own and always need their parent's fingers to hold on. It affects them bifold. Firstly, they can't make decisions on their own. They are still dependent on others. They can't utilize the mountain of resources bestowed by nature. 

Once their parents are gone, they have two options. They are left with two options, either to suffer as a failed person's life or start from scratch the journey of a successful independent person. The choice they were supposed to start and complete by the age of twenty-five. Such kids always grow under the shadow of their parents and never exhibit their own identity. Nor do they show their inner talent because they believe their parents will disapprove of it. Secondly, the kids growing under the clout o their parents happen to be badly lacking in confidence. All of their life, they keep looking at others to make decisions for them. Some decisions affect generations. If you make the right decisions, your generations will reap the fruit of that decision and vice versa. So many occasions come in your life where you have to make significant decisions. Since they are related to you and your life, you are the one who is supposed to make the decision. But, thanks to the above-said factor, if you can't decide, then life will be a "living hell" for you. Having said, that another dangerous outcome of such childhood is a negative subconscious mind. For more details about Hypnosis you can see HypnoBuddy website.

What is the Subconscious Mind? 

In easy terms, the subconscious mind could be defined as the reservoir of all the beliefs and emotions that we keep storing in our minds since our childhood. The way we grow so does the subconscious mind. If we go through a pleasant childhood, our conscious mind holds positive things into our subconscious mind. Similarly, if we go through a painful childhood, we develop a negative subconscious mind. According to studies, the subconscious mind is as influential to the conscious mind as a droplet to an ocean. It means our life starts from adolescence and stretches up to our last breaths has a deep connection with our subconscious mind. It is our subconscious mind that governs the later phase of our life. If we have a negative subconscious mind, we are in a dire need to modify it into a positive one. As per research, it's a Herculian task and can be done effectively using hypnosis. 

What is Hypnosis? 

In hypnosis or hypnotherapy, the expert hypnotherapist tries to access the negative subconscious mind. Reaching the remote regions of the ailing/negative subconscious mind, the therapist keeps inculcating positive suggestions to the mind. With the power of positive suggestions, the negative subconscious mind begins to adapt to positivity. A slight positive change in the subconscious mind results in a mountain of change on the conscious mind. Nowadays' majority of hypnotists employ the Raikov technique for that purpose. 

Raikov Effect: 

In 1970, a Russian neuropsychologist discovered this treatment to heal/modify the negative subconscious mind. He believed that people could heal themselves once they believe in their inner adaptability and find their real being. You can get Raikov Effect mp3 for free.

He did the experiments exploiting the following three parameters:

1. The Power of Imagination: 

By exploiting the power of imagination, the subjects were made to believe that they already were they wanted to be. 

2. Suggestions Method: 

Once the patient got the power of adaptability, they were made to believe that they were what wanted to be through suggestions. 

3. Practice: 

After the achievement of the first two methods, Dr.Raikov would recommend the subjects to put the outcomes in real to realize the positive effects.

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