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Potential Treatment for Cancer Victims

By Bryan Hubbard

Early clinical studies have shown that high-dose vitamin C, given intravenously, may improve symptoms and prolong life in patients with terminal cancer. Researchers found that when three terminal cancer patients were given high-dose vitamin C, their tumours shrunk. As they reported in the latest issue of the Canadian Associations Medical Journal, vitamin C is toxic to cancer cells.

Whilst the researchers admit that these are just three individual cases involving very different types of cancer, and that in each case there is a possible alternative explanation for the positive outcome, they also urge that there is ample evidence to support further research of high-dose vitamin C, administered intravenously, as a treatment for cancer.

Perhaps you know someone who has cancer. Perhaps, heaven forbid, you yourself have this most dreaded of diseases. For you, I have an extraordinary story, and one that gives genuine hope to everyone... It concerns my mother, Edith, who was diagnosed with end-stage breast cancer. Our family doctor gave her just three months to live, and told the family that we should say our good-byes.

We'll never know why Edith had nursed the cancer for several years without telling a soul. Perhaps she hoped that it might just go away, or perhaps it was an exercise in magical thinking that something we don't define doesn't really exist. Whatever the reason, it turned out to be the best thing she could have done, even though the doctor said that her breast was by that stage the most awful thing he had seen in his years of practice.

Of course, as editors of What Doctors Don't Tell You, and knowing what we know, we couldn't accept the death sentence. We asked the doctor if we could take charge of her care. As he had nothing to offer she was too late for chemotherapy or radiotherapy he was happy to do so.

We immediately contacted Dr Patrick Kingsley, one of our editorial panel, an eminent doctor who looks beyond the mainstream for effective treatments. He was confident he could reverse the cancer, even at that late stage, and when we met him with Edith, he explained what he would do.

Central to the treatment was vitamin C therapy, given intravenously. This was to be combined with intravenous hydrogen peroxide, and a radical change to Edith's diet. It was a bold approach, because study after study had disproved the theory, first mooted by Linus Pauling, that high doses of vitamin C could kill cancer cells. Pauling had gone to his grave, certain that the theory was right, and yet never having the recognition from his peers.

Within six months of treatment, Ediths breast had completely healed. Within a year all signs of cancer had gone. The family doctor saw her in the street a year on from his gloomy prognosis, and he was convinced he had seen a ghost. He asked her to have a scan, which revealed no trace of cancer whatsoever.

So why has it taken so long, 30 years in fact, to take Pauling's theory more seriously? Because every study used vitamin C tablets, but it's only effective when given intravenously. To me, this is a scandal. It just required someone to have been open-minded enough to test properly. It just required someone to think beyond toxic pharmaceuticals.

For all these reasons, weve put together a special cancer pack that includes the full story about Edith and her complete treatment. It contains four books and reports by What Doctors Don't Tell You which give you vital information about both orthodox and alternative cancer treatments:

The CANCER FILE - 82-page special report investigating alternative treatments for breast, bowel, prostate, skin and childhood cancer, Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

The CANCER HANDBOOK - 163-page book containing the real evidence of when chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery work - and when they don't... and the scientific evidence to support alternative treatments.

WHY DO PEOPLE GET CANCER? Cleaning up your mind, cleaning up your body (What Doctors Don't Tell You Special Report October 2005).

YOU CAN PREVENT CANCER: A guide to the major causes of cancer and how to avoid them.

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