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How to Use CBD for Hyperactive Dogs?

Caring for your dog goes beyond doing what you could consider the bare minimum for them. Most people consider their dogs part of the family; hence, giving them the best possible treatment is essential. It involves going out of your way to ensure that the dog is happy and relaxed, much as you would for your child. If your dog is experiencing a condition you are worried about, you ought to do your best to relieve this condition.

One of the main concerns for many dogs is hyperactivity. According to research, 12-15% of all dogs experience a lot of hyperactivity and impulsivity. This adversely affects their health and may even lead to the dog injuring itself. While some dog parents try to use behavioral training to take care of the hyperactivity, a more natural alternative is CBD.

CBD for Hyperactive Dogs

What is CBD?

While most of the discussions on using CBD surround the use of CBD for humans, CBD for dogs has not received much attention. CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the components of the hemp plant. The other component of the plant that is quite common is THC. The striking difference between THC and CBD is that CBD does not have the euphoric feelings that THC exudes. Thus, serving your dog CBD will not result in a high accompanied of euphoria and erratic behavior.

For these reasons, manufacturers are introducing quality petCBD products to help owners alleviate numerous ailments in dogs. Products ranging from CBD oils to delicious dog treats allow your pet friend to enjoy the health benefits of this therapeutic compound.

CBD for Hyperactive Dogs

Hyperactivity in Dogs

As indicated in the research article cited above, hyperactivity in dogs is common. Ordinarily, some dogs appear to be more hyper than others. They may be willing to play for longer durations and jump around excitedly when they see you. However, a dog's presentation and behavior may sometimes indicate a slightly abnormal predisposition. For such dogs, you may need to consider whether the dog has some hyperactivity.

CBD for Hyperactive Dogs

Causes of Hyperactivity in Dogs

Some common causes of hyperactivity in dogs may stem from behavioral issues. For example, dogs that do not exercise regularly have a lot of pent-up energy that may present themselves in hyperactivity. For others, a poor diet regimen could also cause hyperactivity.

Chronic hyperactivity or hyperkinesis is a condition that relates to excessive hyperactivity in dogs. In most instances, the situation is not a psychological or behavioral problem that needs training but may arise from a biological issue. For example, the dog's breed could predispose it to hyperactivity. Breeds that thrive on physical stimulation through finding things such as pointers and retrievers may present hyper attributes. However, it would be best to carefully distinguish between hyperactivity and the dog's ordinary traits.

Anxiety can also lead to hyperactivity. According to statistics, 70% of dogs exhibit signs of anxiety. Stress can result from external stimulation, such as being in a new environment or withdrawing from its ordinary family.

CBD for Hyperactivity in Dogs: What is the Science?

Now that you have understood what CBD is and what causes hyperactivity in dogs, it is time to consider CBD as a proper solution. Understanding how CBD solves hyperactivity in dogs lies in understanding the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is one body system that helps control various body functions. The system affects many parts of the dog's body and can help regulate the sensation of different things within the body.

CBD can help activate the endocannabinoids in the endocannabinoid system to induce various bodily functions and sensations. This is instrumental for helping hyperactivity in the dogs in various ways. For example, dogs that regularly experience hyperactivity arising from external factors, such as anxiety and lack of exercise, can use CBD to alleviate this condition, thus reducing their activity. It is worth noting that CBD does not sedate the dog but merely stimulates a calming sensation.

Additionally, CBD helps to stimulate the endocannabinoids to help the dog manage the pent-up energy, which would ordinarily cause it to be hyperactive. Thus, the endocannabinoid system, which would ordinarily fail in regulating the dog's hyperactivity, would achieve this function.

Giving CBD to Your Dog

Giving them CBD capsules, CBD oil, or CBD tinctures orally will suffice for many dogs. However, some dogs do not take to the taste of CBD. For such dogs, you will have to mix the CBD with some water or food and then have the dog ingest the CBD alongside its meals.

CBD for Hyperactive Dogs

Regarding quantity and dosage, the general rule is that 2mg of CBD for every 10 pounds of dog weight should be sufficient. However, depending on your dog's condition and tolerance to CBD, you may need to use more or less. If you are not confident about how much CBD works for your dog, the best bet would be to talk to your vet, who can give an expert recommendation.

Final Words

Caring for your dog is part of your primary responsibilities as a dog parent. When you spot some indications of hyperactivity, such as excessive play, rigorous behavior around other dogs, and possibly destructive tendencies, consider the factors that might be leading to it. The next step is to use CBD in any form, depending on your dog's preference.

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