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How to Use Steroids

How to Use Steroids

Steroids are supplements often taken by bodybuilders and athletes to enhance their performance, grow muscle mass, and boost strength levels. When used correctly, the side-effects and health risks of steroids can be avoided. Although it may sound simple, knowing how to tackle steroid use can actually be difficult.

To ensure safe steroid use first, you need to make sure that you buy steroids for sale from a reputable, licensed dealer in the UK. Then, you need to learn how to use steroids properly to stay healthy.

Types of Steroids

There are many different types of steroids out there. Some are used in medicine for treating various illnesses. Here, we’re talking about anabolic steroids. Anabolic steroids, although also used in medicine, are primarily used by bodybuilders and other athletes to enhance their performance and body mass.

Some steroids are injected intramuscularly, others are consumed orally, or even applied in the form of skin gels or creams. Oral steroids are significantly less effective than the injectable kind. This is because with the injectable form, the anabolic steroids are injected directly into the muscle. With oral steroids, the drug has to go through your entire digestive system before being synthesised into muscles.

Oral steroids also last for shorter periods of time. Where injectable steroids remain in your body for days, oral steroids are there for only a couple of hours.

However, the health risks and side-effects of oral steroids are more prominent than those that are injected. For instance, many steroid users start with the oral kind and move on to the injectable form because they want to avoid liver damage.

In competitions where drug testing is conducted, oral steroids are the preferred type if the athlete wants to avoid detection. Finding ways to work around drug tests isn’t advised as experimenting can compromise the user’s health.

Whatever type of steroids you opt for, buy steroids for sale only from registered and licensed distributors within the UK.

Steroid Patterns

Using anabolic steroids isn’t as simple as swallowing pills or injecting yourself before a workout. Injections are never performed two days in a row. Taking steroids orally before every single visit to the gym will compromise your liver and other organs such as your kidneys. This is why patterns are important, as well as knowing when to stop.

“Cycling” is one of the more popular ways of using steroids. This involves taking steroid does repeatedly over the course of a particular period of time, stopping for a while, and starting again. However, you shouldn’t start again. One of the little known things about steroids is that you can use them once and see permanent changes in your muscle growth potential. From there on, it’s hard work.

“Pyramiding” involves increasing the doses until you’ve hit a previously designated mark, and then gradually decreasing doses until you get to zero. Seeing as how the misuse of steroids can lead to addiction, slowly weaning off may be a good idea. However, increasing the doses gradually until you’ve hit a high dosage peak may take a toll on your body.

“Stacking” is one of the most dangerous types of steroid use. The user will buy steroids for sale from one or multiple shops in the UK and experiment by combining various steroid types. This can lead to staggering progress, but also to health deterioration and permanent problems. People also use Viagra in combination with steroids for better results. To reiterate: stacking is very dangerous.

“Plateauing” involves overlapping, staggering, and substituting steroid types to avoid tolerance. As with stacking, the user goes on to buy steroids for sale from vendors across the UK and uses more than one steroid type. This is very dangerous and should be avoided.

The Only Right Way

The only right way to use anabolic steroids is by consulting your GP and a gym expert. Don’t inject yourself on your own if you haven’t done it multiple times before. Don’t take more than the recommended amount. And don’t take steroids more often than your doctor advised.

Misusing steroids can lead to various complications and even death. These are very delicate supplements that need to be approached with great care. So, buy steroids for sale from a trusted, registered UK-based vendor and follow expert instructions.

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