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How to Properly File Your Nails?

Filing nails sounds like a simple and common task, but a lot of people rarely do it – they'd rather get a manicure or use clippers instead. Of course, filing your nails is easy, but doing it correctly and safely is a little bit more complicated. If you do not know how to file nails properly, you should start with the basics. In this article, you will learn everything from what grit file should be used on natural nails to prevent damage to glass nail file price.

Choosing the Necessary Tools

The first thing to consider before filing your nails is actually picking safe and proper equipment:

  • Clippers – they are useful for trimming the fingernails before actually filing them;
  • File – nail files can be made of various materials, although glass is more preferable, as they are safer for the nail plate. It is advised to pick a 180 to 240 grit for safety as well;
  • Special oils – by using a nail oil after filing you can help with faster healing of your nail plate.

Selecting a nail shape is also important. You have to choose the exact shape you are working towards in order not to change the direction midway and know how file nails round. Some of the popular shapes are almond, square, round, coffin, and stiletto. You should also choose the nail shape based on the size and length of your nails. For example, if you want to know how to file natural nails, square and round shapes would work better for them.

Filing Long and Short Nails Correctly

When learning how to file nails correctly, it is crucial to consider the length of your nails. And how do you file nails so they don't split? Even if you follow all the tips, longer nails are more likely to split, so you can try the shorter length to get used to the proper filing. Here is how you work with short nails:

  • Shorter nails do not need cutting, but you can trim some of them so all your nails are of the same length;
  • You should start from each corner of the nail and file it towards the middle;
  • Never move your file back and forth as it can damage the nail;
  • Go slow, as it is easy to overdo it with short nails to the point when filing gets painful.

If you want to learn how to file nails professionally, here is a guide for working with long nails:

  • Cut the nails to achieve the length that you want;
  • Hold your fingers in front of your face. You can make a half-fist with your fingertips facing down to see the nails easily;
  • File each nail from left to center and from right to center. Do not file them back and forth all across the nail plate;
  • You can work on one side of the nail first to get the shape and length you want and then do the same with the other half.

With these simple tips, you should be able to pick a good file to keep your nails healthy and do the filing properly. Also, make sure to use a proper nail polisher to protect your nails afterwards, you can find these online on sites like Coteshop.

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