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How to Lose Body Fat

In case you are looking to improve the health condition of yours to simply trying to get slim, burning the excess fat will quite be a challenge for you. Besides diet and exercise, some other factors can influence weight and help you to lose fat. Although losing the fat from abdominal area can be very difficult, but several methods are there to help you reduce your fat to get slim.

Eat excess of soluble fibers

Soluble fiber will help you to lose as much weight by increasing the fullness and the absorption of calories. Try to include these plenty of high fiber foods in the diet. Soluble fiber will absorb the water and will form a gel which will help you slow down food as it passes from your digestive system. Researches state that fiber promotes the weight loss by making you feel natural.

Losenows also helps to increase the number of calories present in your body which has been absorbed from food. Another study found that if 1100 adults take 10 gram of soluble fiber dose daily, then the belly fat will reduce to 3.7% over 5-year period. Soluble fiber diets are flax seed, avocados, legumes and blackberries.

Cut down your intake of refined carbs

It is better to decrease the intake of refined carbohydrates which result in to decrease the extra fat. During this process, refined grains are out of the bran and germ, which help to lose your fat. Refined carbs are low in fiber and other nutrients. They might result into an increase of hunger and crashes the sugar levels. Consuming these carbs will also been associated with decrease in belly fat.Studies show that people who ate low intake of refined grains are more likely to have belly diseases as compared to the ones who eat lower amount.

Stop stressing

Unless you are balancing your career, family and social life, this all gives you a never-ending burden and stress. This stress can lead to the bigger issue which is obesity. When you take stress, your body releases stress hormone cortisol. It is necessary to regulate essential body functions like blood temperature and balance of fluids. Also, stress is found to be difficult to tackle, so you should make sure you evaluate the major stressors in your life and avoid them anyhow.


HIIT which stands for high intensity interval training is the new way to workout, according to fitness experts. This workout will not help you build muscles, but all this in a shorter period of time can help you to reduce as much belly fat as you can. Researches conducted an experiment of two categories of people. The one group is the one who do a workout interval of 20 minutes and the other is to have a treadmill session of 20 minutes. After the 8 weeks, they noticed that the one with workout session lost two inches of belly fat while the other one only got less than one inch.

Drink Unsweetened Coffee

Yes, people do realize that coffee is a healthy beverage which is loaded with lots of antioxidants and other beneficial compounds. Drinking coffee will support the loss of weight by increasing the energy levels and the calories you burn.

Unsweetened coffee will boost your metabolism to 3-11% and will reduce your risk of having 2 type diabetes. Also, black coffee is very friendly in losing belly fat, which can make you feel full but have almost calories equal to zero.

Stop eating between meals

Doing all these exercises isn’t going to help if there’s a still new layer of fat growing up. The more fat you lose, the more muscle tone will pop. They recommend to cut down eating between the meals if you want to lose fat as soon as possible.

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