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How Do You Successfully Meditate?

You might notice, at any point in the day, that your mind is thinking about the past and future. It is constantly obsessing and worrying about almost all sorts of things. These unwanted thoughts that pop into our heads anytime can cause distress. When this happens, it is hard to focus on our everyday tasks, whether at work or school.

Meditation is the practice of bringing one’s mind back to the present. It keeps our minds on track and cultivates our inward exploration, which in turn, makes us connect better with ourselves and others. There are different types of meditation you can try, such as those that Finer Shape recommends.

Why do we meditate?

The practice of meditation helps us focus when our mind gets disorganized and distracted, causing us stress. Most people try meditation to thwart negative and distressing thoughts to achieve a peaceful, quiet, and serene state of mind. But when annoying, negative thoughts start to sneak in, we give up meditating before we could even begin.

How meditation changes our lives

It is important to incorporate meditation in our daily life. It helps us stay grounded and keep our inner peace making us less aggressive. Meditation enhances our intuitive senses making us more alert. It also elevates our will-power, making us more efficient in performing our day to day tasks. Since meditation helps us clear our busy mind, it improves our levels of concentration and memory as well. Thus, making us feel more relaxed and able to function well.

More individuals find meditation exceptionally worthwhile for lots of various reasons. They have reported that they are more connected, more appreciative, and more enthusiastic in life since practicing meditation.

What are the benefits of meditation?

When we successfully meditate, it gives us a sense of tranquility and balance. Meditation is the best way to cope with stress, thus aiding our mental, physical and emotional well-being as well as our overall health.

How do I start meditation?

Many people associate meditation with sitting in a certain way, cross-legged on the floor. But this is actually a misconception. You can sit however and wherever you feel comfortable. You can even do meditation while lying down. It all depends on what makes you feel comfortable.

A lot of beginners find meditation difficult to do on their own without getting bored and fidgety. They get impatient when they sit, and they’re like, “What do I do now? How long should I do this?” The key to successful meditation is to actually think less. Focus on the present moment with openness and unprejudiced disposition. When your mind starts to wander off, bring your attention back as gently as possible, as many times as you have to.

With everything that’s been going on in the world and in our lives, it might be time for you to practice meditation. We have summarized a guide to successful meditation:

Find a comfortable place to settle

You can practice meditation whether you're sitting or lying down as long as you are comfortable. Keeping a good posture while meditating helps you focus.

If you are new to meditation, practicing in a quiet spot may be easier. It’s hard to focus if you are surrounded by distractions like cell phones and television.

Once you become adept at meditating, you may be able to do it anywhere, especially in stressful situations at work or in school.

Focus on your breathing

This breathing technique requires profound, slow, and even-paced breathing using your diaphragm muscle to expand your lungs. The reason for this is to take in more oxygen and lessen the movement of your shoulders and upper chest muscles while breathing.

Focusing on your breathing is especially helpful because it serves as an anchor, something you can direct your attention to if your mind starts to wander when meditating.

Repeat a simple, meaningful mantra

A mantra is a word or a phrase repeated loudly or quietly to aid your concentration while meditating. After chanting your mantra several times, you will be more aware and in line with nature.

Some individuals like to use mantras in their meditation since they find it easier to concentrate on a word than on their breathing. They like the feeling of sound vibration in their body.

Focused attention

Concentrating is one of the most crucial components of meditation. Probably the most difficult too.

Unavoidably, as it is natural for our mind to wander, your attention will leave the focal point, which is your breathing; and drift to other places. In a few minutes or so, you will notice your mind has wandered through your inner chatter. Simply bring back your attention to your breathing. You can also redirect your attention to other things like a certain object, image, or a mantra if that helps you more.

Thoughts come and go. Allow them to pass through with openness and without judgment.

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