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How To Soften Dry Cat Food

You only have to choose between dry and wet cat food when it comes to feeding the kitty. However, there comes a time when your cat grows old and may no longer have interests in dry food or their teeth may not be well set to take grip of dry food. 

There are other reasons like sickness that may cause you to give your cat wet or softer food.

Fortunately, there are multiple DIY hacks that you may use to make wet food for your cat when need arises. Here’s how to soften your dry cat food like a pro.

#1 Use the Most Basic Technique

Here, you’ll have to be a little calculative. 

The following steps will help you wet kitty’s food with great ease:

  • Mix cat’s food with water in the ration 3:1 (3 parts of food and 1 part of water)
  • Let the mixture soak for 15 to 20 minutes then serve your cat

Note: You must never use hot water in this method. You will only need to use regular clean water in this exercise.

  • Be keen not to add too much water. Cat’s food may become soapy if made too wet.
  • Also avoid leaving any leftover kibbles out particularly in hot days. Just throw the wet food away if the cat doesn’t finish it in 30 minutes. The food may spoil if you leave it.

#2 Make a More Chewable Texture

  • You will need to mix cat food and water in the ratio 3:1. However, the water should be warm in this case.
  • Let the contents soak for 5 minutes (strictly) then drain the leftover water.
  • Allow the cat’s food to stand for an additional 5 minutes then serve the kitty its soft delicacy.

Note: This technique is the best for kitties that are weaning off milk and transitioning to solid food. Similarly, older cats that prefer some degrees of consistency in their food could be great candidates for this meal.

#3 Adopt something that’s a Little Creamier

Yes, you may choose to go cream when softening dry cat food. Here’s the procedure to follow if you want to get the creamiest texture.

  • Add 1 part of water to 3 parts of cat’s food.
  • Soak the mixture obtained for about 10-15 minutes
  • Use a masher then pound the mixture. This gives room for the formation of the paste you will be serving your cat.


  • You may take the option of crushing cat’s food in its dry form before you add the water. You will obtain similar results. However, you must ensure that the food-water ratio is retained as required.
  • You may choose to add more water depending on your cat’s preferences and whether you want to thin out the consistency of the meal.

Note: This method works best for cats that are facing difficulties in chewing their dry food matter. It could be everything you need for your older cats and kittens at the weaning stage.

Kitty Can Stay Happy

The three methods highlighted could come in handy whenever you want a softer texture for your cat’s food. Apart from improving the texture, softening gives you an ample environment to add flavors to kitty’s food particularly among weaning cats.

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