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What Could Each One of Us Do to Shift
What is Happening in Our World?

Divine Trust

With Scientist and Spiritual Researcher Dr. Nancy Wiley

Suffering is seemingly universal. Every day, as we are bombarded with reasons to be fearful - an ongoing global pandemic, environmental challenges, wars, civil unrest, mass shootings, poverty, homelessness, rising gas prices, etc. - we have an important choice to make. Will we let the fear consume us, or can we find peace by surrendering to Divine Trust?

Everyone on the planet, particularly at this point in time, is being asked: “Do you want to keep going this way?” Now just stop, close your eyes, take a breath or two, and contemplate this question. Well? I think the answer is obvious. Just look around at how our outer world is presenting itself. You may have heard it said that the outer world reflects the inner. So, if we wish to shift what is happening in our outer world, it is time to see about making a shift within ourselves. Right now, as spiritual beings, we are all being asked to change. In fact, the Divine is turning up the pressure so that we must change.

But how? What would this change look like? Let me show you a way...

Waking up this morning, there was an alert on my phone. I usually listen to a motivational speaker as I wake up and do my morning routine. This morning, however, the alert was the first thing I saw. So, I opened this alert, and it was a warning from Putin to the European Union stating that London would be their first target for a nuclear attack. They would have just 38 minutes to prepare to die if a nuke was launched by Putin.

Now this may seem grim to some of you readers, but stay tuned: there will be a twist to the story!

Let me give you a little background. I have been a spiritual seeker for the past 45 years. Many of those years were like searching in the desert with little movement of the needle on my spiritual compass. But I finally found a wonderful spiritual teacher, named Jeddah Mali, and I have spent the past 14 years immersed in her teachings. At last, I have seen significant movement on my spiritual dial. So much so, that no matter what happens, I am unshakeable. I no longer suffer. I no longer experience fear. Even to such dire alerts on my phone!

What does this mean? How did this happen?

It happened as I developed my own personal relationship with Source Energy, The Universe, God, or whatever name you give this Energy that hosts all things and created this world. How does this help me respond calmly and fearlessly in the face of the current way life on planet Earth is presenting to us? Simple: I see us all as one. One with each other and one with the Creator. I connect to this Energy, surrender to It, and tap into Its strength and power. I experience this Energy as goodness, beauty, light, generosity, and kindness. When I commune with this Source, I am wrapped in absolute warmth and love. I feel nourished and my soul feels fed. I feel safe, secure, abundant, and completely fearless! I feel invincible! In the simplest sense, I feel perfect!

I also see the world the same way: perfect! What??!! How?

With continuous, incremental shifts in my spiritual awareness over the years, I have come to completely and fully TRUST the Divine. I see that the world is perfectly designed to be ever-expanding without end. There is not even a hair out of place, and there never has been. Such is the Divine Intelligent design of the Universe.

How does this relate to the alert on my phone?

When you learn to commune with this Energy and surrender to It, the light of your consciousness in this present moment can and will disintegrate whatever is presented before it into the Light that it is. Even the fear of a nuclear attack can evaporate into this Light. You are left with a feeling or vibration of peace, safety, security, and a knowingness of the sublime rightness of everything.

And so, this Energy that forms worlds is obliged to make it so!

Now, what if I am the only person on the planet doing, acting, thinking, vibrating, and being this way while billions of others are vibrating fear, anger, hatred, and control via force? They may be able to drown out my Light! But what if enough people on the planet wake up to this Sacred knowledge and also start to vibrate the same way that I do?

Do you think together we could make a difference? Yes! We can and we do!

In my book, Divine Trust, A Practical Guide to End Your Suffering and Find Your Way Home, I lay out step-by-step processes to teach us all how to shift the planet and thus shift our collective future.

In the book, I relate how I was working a few miles from Marjory Stoneman Douglass High School in Parkland, Florida, on the afternoon of February 14th, 2018. A mom standing next to me while I worked with patients in my orthodontic office exclaimed that she just got an alert that there was an active shooter at the high school! We all gasped, and then we were silenced by sirens and the sound of helicopters! The next morning, I learned that I had lost a precious patient and one of my staff had lost her sister. The entire community was beyond suffering. They were in shock! I, too, felt that I was falling apart, even though I had learned such profound spiritual knowledge.

Fortunately, I used everything that I explain in the book to regain my deep sense of peace and safety.

About five days after the event, I went deep into meditation and communion with The Source of All and asked, “Why? Why did this tragedy happen?” I came out with the following answers: “We as a society are being asked to change. How did we create a being who would hate so much that he would deliberately seek out to kill as many people as he could?” Now you may be asking yourself, wait a minute, we did not pull the trigger. Someone else did!

How are we responsible for this event?

My answer to you is that you are looking at it from the limited perspective of your human mind, and you are not connected right now to Source. If you were, you would see yourself as one with It, one with me, one with the person who did the deed, one with the students who were shot, and one with their parents, friends, and teachers. Basically, you are one with all humans, all beings, and even the planet! Now from that perspective, do you see things differently? Close your eyes, breathe, and look inside from this expanded perspective.

Well? The answers are complicated, but they go something like this:

We as a collective society need to change the root cause for all these situations currently being presented on planet Earth. For the mass shootings. For the war in Ukraine and Russian threats for nuclear strikes on London, Miami, and Texas. For the political unrest at home. For the rising gas prices and inflation. For the growing distrust in our government and news agencies… Or for whatever issue your mind labels as lacking, wrong, or missing. For whatever you are blaming, shaming, and complaining about.

What did we do to create a human being who would hate so much that they would do such a thing?

It is very complicated, but it started with poor parenting, exposure to video games that delight in the killing of living beings, bullying, young men without strong supervision being able to acquire semi-automatic weapons, social media that glorifies mass murders, television programs that endlessly broadcast the murders and foster copycat activity… on and on.

So what can we do to change the outcome?

Sit in the guidance and perspective of Divine Trust. When each of us does this and takes responsibility for these actions in this spiritual or energetic way, it does make a difference! From the limited perspective of our human minds and the way we are currently operating as a collective human race, we think that we cannot possibly make a difference. But this is only due to the conditioning from operating in our old, outdated, limiting way. However, when we operate from our consciousness and being present in this moment, we will be able to see that any time we remember who and what we really are and we choose to operate from love, no matter what, we take a stand for all that is good and Holy. This sends out the very vibration that is the antidote for these events occurring on the Planet at this time in our history!

We can and do make a difference! Love and Goodness always triumphs and trumps over the darkness!

About the author

Dr. Nancy Wiley

Dr. Nancy Wiley, D.D.S. is a highly trained scientist who is an expert in the physical body as she is in the subtle body and spiritual realms.

After having received her B.A. in Biology from the University of Maryland, Dr. Wiley went on to receive her M.S. in Nutrition and her D.D.S. and a Certificate of Orthodontics from Columbia University. She also received her Diplomat to the American Board of Orthodontics and Qualified Orofacial Myology Certification. She has done research at the Biology Department of UMBC and Columbia University as well as Johns Hopkins Medical School and is the publisher of multiple scientific research papers. She has practiced clinical orthodontics for more than 27 years.

Concurrently, Dr. Wiley has immersed herself in the study of meditation and the subtle energy body for her entire adult life. Since the age of 16, she has practiced various forms of meditation, including Transcendental Meditation, Holosync (brain wave entrainment), and guided meditations with many teachers, including Jeddah Mali, her most treasured teacher and to whom she attributes the attainment of Unity Consciousness. She is also a Reiki Master and expert in several energy healing modalities, including EFT, Spring forest Qigong, and Diamond Feng Shui.

As her experience and confidence in navigating through her inner realm continued, Dr. Wiley was able to reach a state whereby she no longer suffered, no matter what life presented. She became certain that there was a Divine Presence that wanted everyone to know and trust It, and her Divine Trust became unshakeable.

On February 14, 2018, the urgency to share this message accelerated in the aftermath of the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida where Dr. Wiley lives and works. One of her patients and others close to her were killed in the shooting, and her community was suffering terribly. Dr. Wiley knew that Divine Trust could help ease their pain and suffering and committed herself to that cause. She now dedicates herself to igniting a massive shift in human consciousness, using Divine Trust as the cornerstone. In her first book, Divine Trust: A Practical Guide to End Your Suffering and Find Your Way Home, she lays out a blueprint that anyone can easily follow to achieve the incredible state of Divine Trust and, thereby, be free of suffering.

Divine Trust

Learn more at:

Divine Trust: A Practical Guide to End Your Suffering and Find Your Way Home
Paperback – March 15, 2022, by Dr. Nancy Wiley

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