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How Seniors May Benefit From E-Bikes

Senior citizens have a lot of inertia to fight when it comes to getting fresh air. They may be worried about personal security, worrying both about human predators and loose or over-friendly dogs on a walk. Many older adults are also concerned about their balance and stability on a long walk.

Getting Outside Fights Cognitive Decline

Staying in the same locale all the time, watching the same television shows, and listening to the same news program can really get your brain stuck in a rut. Getting out on a bike

  • lets you get some sun
  • allows you to see new sights
  • raises your heart rate
  • boosts your executive function, or ability to plan a project from start to end

There is tremendous power in controlling your destiny. Getting out on a bike in the proper safety gear, planning out your route, and knowing you'll have a little help when you're ready to go home are all terrific for your confidence and your brain.

Exercise is Good for Memory

Inactivity contributes to anxiety, a loss of a sense of control, and even depression, impacting your ability to build new memories. By planning out your route, studying maps, and exercising with confidence is a terrific way to fully oxygenate your brain and support those neurons.

Bicycling is Great Low Impact Activity

Often, exercising gets more challenging as we get older because our joints hurt. Specifically, the feet, ankles, knees, and hips can take a pounding even on a simple walk. If pain keeps a senior citizen from exercising, a decent step-through electric bike can do a lot to allow them to move their body through space, get the big muscles in their legs moving, and get their joints loosened up without a lot of pressure.

An Ebike Can Help When the Terrain Gets Hard

Many older folks worry about getting out on the trail and not having the energy to get home. For best results, older riders would do well to try cycling under their power both ways, then riding the same route assisted the next day. This will go a long way to boost the rider’s confidence in just how helpful an e-bike can be.

Ebikes are Easy on the Budget

As a senior citizen gets more confident on their bike, they may be able to cut back on their need for a car. While not every climate can allow an older citizen to give up their car altogether, it is possible to gear up an e-bike to do errands such as

  • small grocery runs
  • meeting up with friends
  • medical appointments

Much easier and completely car-less! Because senior citizens can be out when the traffic is calmer, even traveling where offices and businesses are plentiful may even be possible with the right trails.

The best electric bike for seniors gear attachments should include a strapping bar for grocery bags, bumpers to protect you from water, mud, and dirt, lights to the front and back, and a water bottle clip so you can stay hydrated.

Invest in Safety Gear

Of course, safety gear has to come first. An older rider will need

  • a helmet
  • elbow and knee pads
  • long sleeves and pants to avoid scrapes and skin tears
  • glasses that allow for long-distance vision

As noted above, senior citizens should also take advantage of riding trails dedicated to bicyclists and ride during the off-hours when commuters and children are at work or in school. For seniors who like to ride alone, wearing an emergency notification device is an excellent choice in case you run into a rough trail or a questionable situation.

Ebikes are Great for Balance and Core Strength

Finally, if you have been instructed to work on your core strength but aren't enjoying those exercises, yoga, or tai chi, get on your ebike. Riding forces you to balance, which requires core strength. Leaning forward to hold your handlebars and work your brakes and gears works on your back muscles and your eye hand coordination.

Ebikes can give a senior a great reason to get out and exercise and offer some help on the way home. Getting your body and brain fully oxygenated will be excellent for your outlook and your mood. Controlling your riding path can do a great deal for your decision making power. Finally, some sunshine, fresh air, and movement is excellent for your joints, muscles, and Vitamin D levels.

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