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Learn How You Can Restore or Improve Your Mobility

Improve Your Mobility

Your limited mobility doesn’t have to affect your quality of life; learn how you can improve your range of motion...

It doesn’t matter if your mobility issues are due to an injury or health issues. The results are the same.

Moving your body in specific ways is painful.

Mobility issues can negatively impact your quality of life but there is hope.

Physio in Mount Hawthorn can get you moving again.

When Should You Schedule a Visit with a Physiotherapist

There is never a wrong time to schedule an appointment with a physiotherapist when you have chronic pain or an injury affecting your freedom of movement.

A Physiotherapist specializes in how the body moves.

They study the science of movement to learn how to recognize the root cause of your mobility issues.

Physio in Wembley is often recommended for individuals recovering from surgeries like a hip or knee replacement.

Patients may also require physiotherapy after experiencing a heart attack or stroke.

Before scheduling your appointment, a couple of considerations.

Are you planning on using health insurance?

If so, a recommendation/referral from your primary care physician may be a requirement.

It’s also a good idea to inquire if your insurance is accepted by the physiotherapist.

Not all types of health insurance are accepted. It means you are paying for the treatment out of your pocket.

However, the cost is worth it to regain mobility and reduce chronic pain.

Commonly Treated Mobility Issues

Physio in Mount Hawthorn can help treat a variety of mobility issues caused by a disability, injury, or disease.

The treatment focuses on rehabilitating existing conditions and preventing additional or recurring issues.

Some of the conditions physio in Mount Hawthorn commonly treat include muscular and skeleton pain that frequently occurs in the neck and back.

Arthritis pain can also be minimized with physiotherapy by focusing on the joints, ligaments, muscles, and bones.

Other issues commonly treated with physio can also include,

  • Breathing issues caused by asthma
  • Mobility problems due to a heart attack, stroke, or other heart conditions.
  • Bladder and bowel issues caused by childbirth. Physiotherapy can treat pelvic issues using a variety of muscle-strengthening exercises.

Brain and spine trauma often require extensive rehabilitation to improve or regain mobility. Physiotherapy is also effective at reducing some symptoms associated with multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease.

Treating mobility issues with physiotherapy can also help reduce some issues caused by cancer treatments like stiffness and swelling in the joints. The therapy can also reduce feelings of fatigue and pain, while also improving muscle strength.

To learn more about these and other mobility issues commonly treated with physio, contact a therapist or your healthcare provider.

What to Expect At Your Appointment

Each physiotherapy session is unique.

But you can expect the therapist to inquire about your medical history. An assessment of your mobility issues is also standard.

Your unique treatment plan will have set goals to meet using a combination of exercises, along with any assistance devices if necessary.

You can improve your range of motion with physiotherapy.

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