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How Do I Regain My Confidence?

Regain Confidence

It is always a challenge for people to admit that they may be dealing with some difficulties related to their mental health and confidence levels. Indeed, this is a challenging thing to bring up, and a lot of people feel like they can't talk about it.

It could stem from something as basic as a lack of belief in one's own ability to be happy and achieve everything that they want to achieve. It could also have to do with one's physical appearance or smile.

At Lowenberg, Lituchy, & Kantor, we hear from people every day about how they would like to see their smile improved. They aren't pleased with some aspect of it, and they feel that they must do something in order to get things back on track.

It is a fair assessment to say that improving their smile may be one way that they can get back to having the kind of self-confidence that they used to have in themselves.

What is Self-Esteem?

Simply put, self-esteem is the feelings that we have about ourselves in relation to who we are as people. This is to say that our self-esteem can be high or low depending on the specific feelings that we have about ourselves and how we personally feel at any given moment.

There are some people with very high self-esteem at all times without any problems, but it is far more common to hear of people with self-esteem problems that need to be addressed.

Given the reality of all of this, it is often the case that we need to focus on the things that bring us confidence and help us do our best.

Causes of Low Self-Esteem

There are a myriad of reasons why someone might have low self-esteem, and many of those reasons stem from experiences that one had in childhood. This is to say that there are a lot of people who have experienced low self-esteem in their life because of an event that took place when they were very young.

The message that you are not good enough can easily get ingrained in your mind, and it might be extremely challenging to get that message out of your head once it has been implanted there. As such, you should think carefully about the things that you say and do around children. They absorb a significant amount of the information and actions that you provide them, and they may pick up some signals that you had not anticipated or desired.

What Are the Impacts of Low Self-Esteem?

There can be many impacts of low self-esteem if you aren't careful about it. Sadly, it can cause you to underperform your own expectations for yourself if you are always thinking poorly of yourself. There is something about this that causes it to become a self-fulfilling thing.

You may suffer enough that you end up with a case of clinical depression. Obviously, no one wants to put themselves in that situation, but there are people who have experienced these types of negative impacts in their life.

If you believe that you are experiencing issues with low self-esteem, try to find the help that you need from a trained medical professional. They are the people who can do the most for you to make a positive change in your life.

What You Can Do For Healthy Self-Esteem Habits

Some steps can be taken to turn your self-esteem habits around and help get yourself on the road that you need to be on for a healthier life.

One thing that you can do immediately is begin to note when you have negative thoughts or emotions. As challenging as this is, it is better to recognize those challenging thoughts and emotions than to ignore them.

Besides that, you need to make it clear to yourself what you are dealing with and just how bad it has gotten. Say what you will, but there is something special about noting what is going on in your life for further review down the road.

The more that you look at your self esteem habits, the more that you can begin to examine what has been going on with you and what steps you may need to take to turn things around.

It is all about making sure you recognize what is going on in your own life, what you can do to turn things around, and how this can all come together for you at the end of the day. If you do all of those things, then you should be in excellent shape moving forward.

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