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How to Overcome a Driving Phobia

Overcome a Driving Phobia

Some people just can't wait to get their driver's license and drive everywhere, but for some, the thought of being out on the road is just terrifying. For many fears and phobias, people with a driving phobia will try something called Hypnotherapy to relieve their stress. This is where hypnosis is used to help rehabilitate the mind to reduce those fears. In most systems around the world, you are not allowed to drive alone for a period of time; you have to have someone who has enough driving experience next to you at all times. But in some, you can drive alone during the day but not at night. No matter what the law is in your country, having an experienced driver next to you to guide you and make you feel safer is a step in overcoming your phobia of driving. 

Don't Drive Alone

If you are someone who has a phobia of driving, the first thing you can try to get over the phobia is to try driving with a companion. Let's say your friend or family member is driving to the store, go with them and try driving even for one minute. Minute by minute, you will build up a tolerance and get used to the feeling; once you are comfortable enough to take a complete trip to the market or wherever you can, take someone on every ride to make you feel safer and calm. They don't need to be an experienced driver; the point of having them there is to help you stay as relaxed and comfortable as possible. Once you are comfortable with them by your side, you can try driving alone. Drive small distances at first, go around your neighborhood at first, but once you get comfortable with that, start making longer trips. Before getting into the car and facing your fears, you should boost your mental health, which will make it a bit easier. 

Take a Driver's Course

For some people, the main cause of their phobia of driving is there because it is new to them, and they are unsure of their skills and a fear of not reacting fast enough and charging. The best way to work on that phobia is by going to a car driving school. Taking a course will teach you all the important things that will make you feel more comfortable with being in charge of a moving car. You will be able to practice with a teacher who will guide you along the training course. Once you are comfortable with the training course, you will be able to progress and move on to the real road. They will prepare you for every possible scenario. 

Stick to Daytime Driving at First

When a person who has a phobia is ready to work on overcoming it, it is important that you drive only during the daytime. Once it gets dark, people worry more because it is harder to see, there are animals running around, and it is just more difficult. Once the person becomes confident in driving during the day, you can move on to driving in the dark. 

Write Down Affirmations 

The best way to make yourself relaxed and more confident is to write down your affirmations. Try to write down that you are comfortable and relax while you are listening to relaxing music while you are driving. Once you have written down all the affirmations, make sure that you read them at least once a day out loud while imagining yourself driving while feeling relaxed and calm. 

Listen To Music

As we have all heard and know, blasting music is not a thing you should be doing because it is really distracting. But, if you have a phobia of driving, putting on quiet relaxing music will help you not be so anxious and panicked while you are driving. It will make you feel more comfortable and create a calm environment. 

Write Down Your Fears 

Another simple yet effective way to cure your phobia is to write down all the things that you are afraid of when you are driving. Once you have accumulated your fears, put them in order, so the number one fear will lead to a full panic attack. That will help you gradually overcome your fears one step at a time. 

Just like any phobia, a driving phobia can be worked on, and you can overcome it. For some, it will be getting more experience in driving, and for some, it will take more time, patience, and courage to overcome their phobia. No matter how complex your phobia is, if you work on it and confront it after some time, you will overcome it. 

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