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How Much Do Toupees Cost?


Do you want to know toupee cost? If you are suffering with the hair loss problems, you must be looking for a solution. The preferred solution is to wear artificial hair. There are other herbal, medical and surgical solutions. People normally like to avoid due to fear. For example, a hair transplant is a surgical treatment but if not done carefully it can even cause infections. However, the ratio is not very high but high enough to be considered by a common person.

Therefore, people prefer wigs, this is a quick solution and with quality wigs and selection according to your skin tones and facial features, it looks natural. However, this is always considered to be a not very economical solution to buy a good quality wig. It is because the wig should allow your head to breathe out of eating and the must-have high-quality hairs to look more natural. So, to buy a cheaper version of the wig you may have to compromise on the naturalness or other factors.

Another factor about hair fall is mostly baldness occurs at the portion of the head, not all the head. Then why not cover only that portion to economize the solution. Wig’s cover the whole head that’s why they are expensive. The solution to cover only the bald part of the head is “Toupees”. Toupees are designed such that they only cover the bald part of the head. Therefore, they automatically become an economical solution. How much do Toupees cost we will see this in the following section.


If I ask you what is the price of the car you will in response me another question, “ Which Car?”. So, I need to tell you which car I am talking about maybe its specification as well. Similarly, there are different types of toupees and we will see one by one their price range.

Lace base toupees is a toupee with a base made from lace. The exceptional thing about this toupee it is breathable. It is the most scene in the hotter regions of the world. It is made by hand means each hair on it is guaranteed to be seen by its manufacturer. It is extraordinarily comfortable and has high-quality hair material at the top. Its manufacturer proudly provides the guarantee of being not machine mad and good ventilation quality. It is famous for being the most natural look provider toupee.


As far as the toupee cost is concerned, it starts from US 90$ and goes up to 350$ depending upon the brand and quality as well. It may look expensive but the wig with these qualities may cost thrice of that. Also, it is not very expensive - it gives you confidence, naturalness and smartness. Anyone who could afford it should love this product.

Mono corresponds to the monofilament as one of the most natural, pure and durable toupees. It looks very natural due to the brilliant top. It is one of the most undetectable toupees ever. It is said even you can’t detect yourself that if you are wearing a toupee or not. It is known as the best toupee. Mono hair toupee comes in a wide range of colours to match you’re the colour of your hair. It is such a convenient toupee with an excellent ventilation system that it is hard not to get used to it.


According to the different websites, the lower price of mono hair toupees also starts from $90 and most of them can be purchased for under $200. Of course, there are toupee costs more expensive than this. But very good qualities can be purchased for under $200. The way this toupee works and appear natural on the head - it does not cost too much. It is a cheap solution among many other solutions like wigs and medical solutions.

  • Skin Based Toupee

As it is clear from the name of the toupee. It has based on skin. If you wear this it will give an impression like the hairs are coming out of your skin. It is known as a creative idea toupee. It is such a creative toupee to make look more and more natural. The best feature toupees provide is naturalness in appearance. This is so elegant to wear and to feel. All these toupees make sure a good ventilation across the toupee. This toupee successfully deals with the factors like colour matching and a nice design top. Many people recommend it and feel happy to wear it.


As far as the skin based-toupee cost is concerned. It starts from $70 and under $200 you can purchase a very good product with all your requirements, including the colour features, hair design, skin colour and much. Don’t you think this skin based toupee is quite cheap based on the facilities it provides to hide the baldness impacts?

Overall Analysis

The three types of toupees are not very expensive for a common man up to 200$ a better solution can be achieved. However, it is not all the range. If we search the toupees online we will find that few of them are available in thousands. A common man with not much earning can afford a good toupee at a price maximum up to $200. However, it is not always for high-class rich persons this range does not stop at $200. After visiting many websites and reading the online prices we found that the toupees can cost up to $2500. This is what is expensive for a common man but of course, it is not expensive for everyone.


Toupees are considered to be the economical solution to hair loss. Toupees only cover that portion bald portion of the head. The toupees are of different types and brands and have different price ranges. For a common person with not a lot of earning a good toupee can be purchased under 200$. For the rich and elite class, the toupee can go up to $2500.Of course not expensive for the elite class.

If you want to know more about toupee cost, please ask price here:

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