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How Much Do Manx Cats Cost?

Manx Cat

The Manx cat is the most unique, adorable breed and oldest of the species you can ever encounter. But you must consider several factors, especially the Manx cat's cost, before bringing one home. Owning a cat is undoubtedly not a one-time expenditure. Like any other pet, including a dog, there would always be some expenses. The expenses can be challenging if you do not know what to expect from the kitten. This guide will prepare you for purchasing a Manx cat.

Average Cost of a Manx Cat

If you choose a reputable breeder, you would need to pay around $350 to $1500 for a kitten. The cat price will depend on the origin, appearance quality, breeders' reputation, and lineage.

Since they are ancient breeds of cats, several households look forward to having them. In addition, there are plenty of breeders in the United States of America that even produce kittens. So even though the Manx cat is not a hyped feline currently, people still look forward to purchasing this breed.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Cat

Breeders consider several factors while putting the price tag on the Manx kitten...

  • Tail: The only thing that Manx kittens are known for is their unique appearance compared to thestandard breeds. The most prominent rate of the cat is that they are entirely tailless, but this breed has at least one gene, which has a complete tail, which means that tailless cats can produce tailed offspring. The lack of tails can affect the price of the kitten.
  • Built: Another factor that affects the cost of the Manx kitten is the build of their body. A Manx with a complete and strong build is likely to cost extra.
  • Colour: For most cats, the white, red, and silver blue coat indicates that they are entirely authentically bred. It indicates that the prices of cats with these colours will always be high.
  • Coat: Most cats have a coat that can either be short or long and if it is long, the cats might require extra effort in grooming, which is why short ones are comparatively expensive.
  • Age: The younger the kitten, the easier it is to train it. Considering that the younger kitten will cost you more than the adult one if you have a specific budget, you should buy only an adult.
  • Reputation of the Breeder: Reputable and responsible breeders follow strict standards to produce healthy and pure kittens. Unfortunately, this makes them much more expensive than those produced by backyard breeders with minimum experience. 
  • Location: Depending on where the breeder of your choice resides, buying the cat might require an extra delivery cost. Importing costs from overseas or nearby states would require you to pay for the permits and, of course, the transportation fees. You have to pay the basic fees when you go for local breeders.
  • Health Condition: Reputable breeders mainly disclose the kitten's health conditions before selling it. In addition, they perform health screenings, flea vaccine shots, and deworming treatments with kittens which can increase the purchase price.

Cost of Adopting Cat from Rescue Centre

If you are looking forward to taking the adoption route instead of purchasing from pet stores or breeders, you must know that you will save a lot of money. The average cost of adopting a cat is around $100 to $450. Besides saving money, you would also need to assume that adopting the cat is noble.

You will save a cat's life and bring home a loving friend or companion. Most rescue centres spend money before a new home adopts a kitten. Therefore, you can expect a small adoption fee. Rescue centres will ensure that the cat is taken well and help you find the perfect cat that suits your lifestyle or preference.

There are several ways to find cats for free. You can visit one of the rescue centres, and you will find the one which falls within your budget.


After understanding the initial cost of buying a Manx cat, you think twice before owning one. First, you must prepare a budget to know where all the expenses will be. Next, you need to ensure that your house is ready before you decide to welcome the furry companion home. Finally, you must have the necessary items for the cat, like a feeding bowl, leash, bed, toys, etc.

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