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How Medical Is Cannabis?


If you have ever been advised to try cannabis for pain relief, you may have scoffed at the idea. The truth is that cannabis does have medical applications… but just how medical is cannabis, anyway?

Cannabis is a Plant

Let’s start with the obvious: cannabis is a plant. It is not a medical apparatus, or a pain relief drug made in a laboratory. In terms of how much we can apply the term “medical” to the growth of a plant, we’d say not much. It’s more of a gardener’s thing than a doctor’s thing.

However, there are certain strains of cannabis that are created specifically to be of medical strength. When we say medical strength in relation to cannabis plants, we mean that the strains have been chosen for their ability to relieve pain, soothe inflammation, or treat specific conditions.

Creating Medical Marijuana

When we do come across these strains that have been tailored to medical treatments, we call it medical marijuana. Medical marijuana is the most medical of cannabis plants. It is medical because it has been grown to treat conditions.

Medical marijuana is created by growers and seed laboratories. They will take the useful aspects of other strains and combine the genetic material, creating plants which are selectively bred for their health benefits. Selective breeding is like what we do to dogs. If you started with a wolf and bred the smallest of the pack for enough generations, you might end up with a Pomeranian. “Breeding” marijuana plants is a similar process.

Is Medical Marijuana Strong?

Yes, medical marijuana is likely to be stronger than other strains. This is because of the effort that has gone into refining those genetics to perform exactly the task that it has been bred to do. Medical cannabis may not be as strong as some strains if your aim is to get high, but if your aim is to soothe inflammation, become pain free, or stop lying awake at night, there are medical cannabis strains that can help.

What is Medical Cannabis used for?

Medical marijuana comes in different strengths and is grown for different applications. For example, if you wanted a medical cannabis strain that was perfect for treating nausea, you could turn to the Jasmine (Yasmin) strain. However, if you wanted the best medical cannabis strain to help you recover from a painful injury or disease, you might try ACDC, Blueberry Kush, or Jack Herer (Greenway Magazine).

For the following conditions, try our strain suggestions:

For Insomnia: Hindu Kush or Girl Scout Cookies

For Inflammation: try CBD rich strains such as CBD Kush or CBD Blue Shark

For PTSD: Jorge’s Diamond or Dark Shadow Haze

For Headaches: you won’t get better than an OG Kush

For Weight Loss: Northern Lights and Cherry Pie medical cannabis strains are said to be good for reducing obesity.

Does it Work?

Absolutely. Study after study has proven the efficacy of medical cannabis in various scenarios. It has proven useful for Neuropathic Pain (Current Pain and Headache Reports), for cancer pain (Blake), for overall generic pain reduction (College of Family Physicians of Canada), and even in the treatment of psychotic disorders (Journal of Psychopharmacology).

Where to find Medical Cannabis near you?

If you live in Canada, getting your hands on medical cannabis strains has never been easier. You can find a dispensary near you or shop online with Hybrid Fast. They have plenty of strains to choose from, all of which will help you with various ailments.

Medical Cannabis might not be legal everywhere yet, but the world is slowly changing. Be part of the solution and try medical cannabis for yourself, today. Studies show that it might just be the pain relief solution you have been searching for.

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