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How is THC-O Made?

The question of how a cannabinoid is "made" is not frequently asked. That's because they're usually relatively straightforward; the cannabis plant produces these. A few molecules, though, result from phytocannabinoids and some other form of chemical catalyst, meaning they aren't entirely natural. That is where THC-O Acetate fits in. So, how did this exciting and robust cannabinoid come to be? If you want to experience the best THC-O, check here at



The market received delta 9 THC products first, then delta 8 THC products, and now 10 THC. With so many THC compounds on the market, it's hard to imagine that there's another one gaining popularity seemingly out of nowhere: THC-O. It's short for THC-O-acetate, a cannabinoid that's so different from the other three cannabinoids stated above that it's easy to forget it's a cannabis derivative while enjoying its unique benefits.

Because this new THC-O compound is a precursor to Delta-8, it can be separated and used to make a variety of THC-O products. THC-O vape cartridges, THC-O disposables, and THC-O gummies will all be available soon. It's worth noting that THC is three times as potent as ordinary Delta 9 THC. Yes, it's 300 times more powerful than regular THC. Binod's unique range of THC-O vape cartridges in four terpene flavors is among the first THC products.


THC-O-acetate is a synthetic cannabinoid, which means you can't get concentrated doses of pure delta 8 or delta 9 by extracting the chemical from the cannabis plant. THC-O, like all THC molecules, is psychoactive, as you may have guessed. On the other hand, THC-O is not mellow in the same way as delta 8 and delta 10 are. This cannabinoid is notable for its potency, which is roughly three times that of delta-9.

THC-O is produced in a thick oil with a light tint of ethanol-soluble, thanks to its unique manufacturing technique. It can be employed as a foundation active ingredient in anything from vape oils to edibles because it is flavorless and odorless, much like all separated cannabinoids and cannabis extracts.

Keep in mind that, unlike CBD and delta 9 THC, THC-O-acetate is neither a commercially available or naturally occurring substance. Therefore we don't have the studies to back up its specific qualities. To put it another way, there are no studies that suggest THC-O has specific purposes like headache treatment or digestive management. Furthermore, we don't have any evidence that THC-O interacts with specific cannabinoid receptors.


Making THC-O-acetate is a complicated procedure that is virtually difficult to conduct at home, so don't bother taking notes because you don't have the necessary equipment in your kitchen.

Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA) is the precursor to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) before decarboxylated, and THC-O is derived from it. THC-O is made by combining THCA with a mixture of sulfuric acid and acetic anhydride, which is why it is classified as synthetic. When heat is applied to this mixture of chemicals, a chemical reaction alters the molecular structure of THCA, making it extremely powerful.

What Are THC-O's Side Effects?

THC's therapeutic properties are well-known. THC-O isn't any different in this regard. Its recreational effects are where it differs (it's high). Many people characterize THC-effects O's as mystical and introspective. Some people compare the experience to LSD and mushrooms, which conventional THC products can't claim.

One thing to keep in mind is that, like edibles, you'll have to wait 20 to 30 minutes for THC-O to take effect. That is because the acetate molecule must be separated (digested) from the THC molecule before sending it to your brain.


What makes THC-O so special

THC-O has various unusual physical features due to its unique chemical composition. Because of the specificity of our body's endocannabinoid receptors — and the fascinating ways these receptors assist us in processing energy flow — THC-O has quite distinct effects than THC.

The following are the highlights.

  • It's fat-soluble

Like most cannabinoids, THC-O is a fat-soluble molecule found in the marijuana plant's oily resin. (This solubility is one of the reasons CBD oil is so popular.)

THC-O's solubility means that it is time-released, unlike other cannabinoids. THC-O products work in a similar way to cannabis edibles, albeit more slowly and powerfully.

  • It's strong!

Ready to be 300 percent stronger than conventional THC after ingesting or smoking THC-O, according to studies. Because of its potency, THC acetate is ideal for a variety of medical applications. It excels, for example, for people suffering from severe nausea or chronic discomfort.

If you're new to THC-O, we recommend taking it slowly at first. Once you've gotten a feel for things, you can always raise your dose. You can go way too high if you take too much THC-O.

  • It's spiritual

Many people who have tried THC-O say it makes them feel spiritual and contemplative, similar to how LSD or magic mushrooms make them think. THC-O takes a long time to kick in because your body has to remove the THC from the acetate molecule.

However, once it kicks in, expect strong feelings of exhilaration without the couch-locking side effects. Due to its lack of a "body high," THC-O is an excellent companion for outdoor activities such as ski vacations or hiking.

  • THC vs. THC-O

THC and THC-O are analogs, meaning they have the same chemical makeup but a slightly different structure. An OH, or hydroxyl group, can be found on the upper right side of the 'regular' THC molecule.

You can find a radically different attachment on the same portion of the THC-O molecule: an acetate molecule. What is the function of this molecule? It boosts the potency of the THC molecule nearby!


THC-O is a fascinating substance. Not only is it four times stronger than Delta 9, which, as far as we know, is the most potent of THCs, but it's also highly pure and has virtually unlimited medicinal potential. You may be anxious to test it, but since making it at home is too risky, your best bet is to look at some of the existing items that are just hitting the shelves.

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