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How Financial Difficulties Impact
Your Mental Health?

According to research, almost half of the people who were in debt also had mental health issues of some sort. Nearly four out of ten people with mental health difficulties say their financial condition has exacerbated their mental health problems. In a perfect world, everything would go as planned, but we don’t live in a perfect world. We live in a world where each day gas prices and mortgages are increasing but the pay per hour is still the same. So, when people are working twice as hard to make ends meet it is resulting in mental stress and other mental health issues. Here are the top 5 ways how financial difficulties impact your mental health. 

1. Trigger Depression, Anxiety, and Stress

Mental health can be greatly affected by financial difficulties. If a person has to provide for a family and they are unable to fulfill their basic responsibilities, they might go into depression. Even though we are always taught that money doesn’t solve problems, most of the time tons of problems can be solved with a good amount of money in hand. A person might feel triggered at the sight of utility bills or could go into a state of stress thinking about how they will cover the expenses. 

2. Cause Sleep Problems

Getting a good night's sleep holds the utmost importance in the context of good mental health. A good night’s sleep makes a person happy and healthier. People who are under financial stress might lose their sleep over money issues. Even though, not realize they are not doing any favors by losing sleep over something that is not in theri hands. Financial stress can take away the ability to fall asleep peacefully. A worried man will always be thinking about his next steps and how to come out of this financial difficulty.

3. Social Withdrawal

Being social animals, we need to socialize and meet people in order to maintain a well-balanced routine and a healthy mind. A person going through a tough financial situation in life, will try to avoid people and stay at home most of the time. They would go into isolation and disconnect from their friends, family, and colleagues. Social withdrawal can be the result of :

  • constant worrying about the fact that they do not have enough money to go out
  • Feeling inferior to peers
  • Feeling inadequate
  • The constant need to save to make ends meet

Having given all the reasons, one must step out and socialize. In hard times, do not isolate yourself and try to find solace in friends and family. At times, people do not even have the energy to visit a hospital. For such hard times, you must know that a Telehealth clinic is always available and a budget-friendly way to seek help, right from your living room. 

4. Low Energy Levels

An active mind and body can come up with great ideas. Financial difficulties can suck the joy right out of your life. Financial difficulties may lead to boredom, a sense of failure, and ashamed. All these emotions can lead to constantly feeling low and unenergized. Struggling to earn money in itself is a tiring job. Combined with financial stress, it is just a recipe for disaster. Low energy levels caused by financial stress may lead to other mental and physical health issues like seeking refuge in alcohol and drugs. But one should be restrained from falling into bad habits. 

5. A Sense of Guilt while spending

Even though people believe in retail therapy, a person going through a financial crisis will avoid spending even a dime, if they think it is not a necessity. The over-looming sense of guilt if they purchase something they wanted, can be troubling and can cause high levels of stress and depression. They will start calculating the finances and bills. Remember, a problem is as big as you make it. 

Parting Words…

In the end, I would advise you to not waste away your precious time worrying about something that is not in your control. Financial difficulties can fall upon anyone, but that doesn’t mean one should let go of their mental health and fall into a state of depression. In tough times, do not be afraid to ask for help. Try to remain in control of your feelings, because only then you can come out of the hard times. Remember, hard times don't last but the things you do during this time will always stay with you.

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