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How to Feel Optimized

To feel optimized in your day to day life, there are several steps you need to consider in order to ensure that your body is at its most effective and achieving its fullest potential...

Sleep well

We as humans spend over 25 years of our lifetime sleeping, and there is a good reason for that. When we sleep we allow our bodies to restore and repair themselves after a hard day’s work and we allow our bodies to prepare for the next day. During sleep, the neurons, or nerve cells, are able to remove the toxic byproducts that build up in the body and brain during the day and we are able to store more information in our long-term memory. It is recommended that the average person gets at least 7 hours of sleep, preferably 9, at night to ensure that the biological processes that happen during our sleep cycle can occur. Without sleep our body is unable to restore itself to optimal condition, and this can impact our muscles and our brains. However, when we do get the right amount of sleep, our bodies are better able to thrive during the day. 

Healthy diet

The human body is a biological machine, and what we fuel it with is indicative of how well our bodies are going to function. Your diet is crucial to getting the nutrients that your body doesn’t automatically produce. Eating healthy and nutritious meals benefits your muscle and bone health and can give you a higher rate of energy. Therefore, healthy diets are an important part of feeling optimized in your day to day life. Eating a healthy diet can also assist your brain by providing it with nutrients that help protect against cognitive decline. In addition, eating a healthy diet can also improve the health of your gut microbiome, which is critical in processing nutrients through digestion. 


Exercise is another crucial step to feeling optimized and using your body to the fullest because it has the capability to benefit both your mental and physical health. The human body is meant to move, and we live a fairly stationary lifestyle when compared to our ancestors. Therefore, we must take time out of our day to exercise. Exercise strengthens a person’s heart, which allows for better circulation throughout the body and the brain. Better circulation throughout the body enables oxygen and other nutrients to be delivered more efficiently and can boost your energy levels throughout the day. Exercise can also help strengthen your muscles and bones and creates a positive feedback loop in your body because the more you exercise, the stronger you get. As you get stronger you are able to exercise more easily and obtain more energy for your body. As an added bonus, exercise can assist with sleep quality as well.


While sleep, a healthy diet, and exercise are all important for optimizing health, sometimes we need more than our bodies can give us. A healthy balanced diet with good sleeping practices and an active lifestyle will supply the sufficient nutrients needed to carry out the basic or normal functions of our bodies throughout the day. However, our diets are not always conducive to the optimum daily allowances of nutrients, even when eating an extremely healthy diet. Including supplements in our life can give us humans the extra boost needed to really optimize our body’s function. Our brains take up around 20 percent of our body’s energy, and supplements have the capability of assisting the rest of our body with feeding the energy used by the brain. Supplements also have the ability to impact your gut microbiome, which can both assist in an individual’s immunity and can help your body better receive the nutrients you put into it by eating a healthy diet. 

By focusing on these aspects of your life, you can fully optimize your body to achieve its fullest potential. 

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