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How Should You Eat to Keep Your Teeth in Good Shape?

Teeth in Good Shape

It is essential that you take good care of your teeth. Many health problems can be avoided with proper nutrition. In this article, we are going to tell you what to eat and how to restore the health of our teeth.

Limit your intake of sugary, floury, and acidic foods.

Sweets and bread are both excellent sources of quick carbs, but they have their own drawbacks as says. Their consumptions can potentially cause hazardous germs to prosper in our mouths.

Various acids can cause enamel to lose minerals and defence coating. Examples of such are carbonated beverages, which contain great quantities of carbs and acids. It is not just bad for teeth, it might be hazardous to one’s overall health. Approximately 2 whole teaspoons of sugar may be contained in a glass of Cola, for example. Usually, this process is called as demineralization or caries. When enamel is exposed to acid over an extended length of time, it basically dissolves, causing you to feel irritation and even pain. In addition to tooth erosion, acidic meals can produce dents in the teeth in which microorganisms live and can continue their activities for long time, speeding up the development of caries in the mouth.

Eat at periodic intervals.

In order to preserve healthy gums and teeth, it is vital to increase saliva production somewhat. Minerals found in saliva help to build the enamel of the teeth. It helps to prevent the production of sticky dental plaque and to neutralize the waste products produced by bacteria. For this, it is preferable to eat three to four times a day at the most.

Eating more than four meals each day might potentially be hazardous to one’s health. Following each meal, the microorganisms in your mouth become active, causing the acidity in your mouth to increase. Small interruptions in the flow of saliva reduces this process. Thus, the teeth cannot cope with the situation, leading to the regression of the gums and teeth.

You must eat more cheese.

Dentists recommend that you have one slice of cheese for dessert. Just a plain piece of cheese without additional bread or crackers. It is an excellent product for teeth remineralization. Cheese has all needed elements that can provide the teeth with enough calcium and phosphorus for the protective barrier. In contrast to other dairy products, this impact is the most prominent. Cheese increases saliva production while also preventing germs from adhering to the teeth.

Although cheese cannot completely replace the need to clean your teeth on a regular basis, it can aid in the prevention of dental caries. You can substitute sweets with different types of cheese, though.

Drink plenty of water.

Water, like saliva, is a good way of cleaning your mouth and eliminating food particles in between your teeth. Also mostly obtained from water, there are many elements that are important components in the prevention and treatment of health problems. Some of those minerals accumulate within the enamel, making it stronger and more resistant to acidic chemicals. They also play a role in inhibiting the growth of dangerous microorganisms.

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