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How Do Durags Make Waves: This Is How Your Hair Gets Waves With It

Durags Make Waves

You are probably familiar with a hairstyle called 'waves' or '360 waves'. It is extremely popular among our black brothers. In short, it's a hairstyle that creates a wave-like pattern all over your hair. Getting these waves on your hair is not that easy. It requires patience, special technique & specific accessories.

And one of the accessories that are a must for making waves is known as 'Du-rag'. People do know that du-rags are a necessity when it comes to getting waves. But, 'How do durags make waves?' is a question that boggles the mind of many of our brothers. So, if you are eager to know about it too, sit back & relax. We will tell you how they help you to get waves. So, without any further delay, let us jump into the details.

Mission 'keep them down':

Let's be straightforward! For making waves, it is pivotal to keep your hair laid down, otherwise, your waves will not be formed. When you opt for waves, you have to go through a specific procedure. A vital part of that procedure is brushing. 'Wave' is a hairstyle that is best for those who are or have similar hair like the Afro-American gentlemen.

And as you know, Afro-American black men have curly hair that cannot be straightened easily. Even if you brush them for a long time, they won't stay down long. This is exactly where a du-rag becomes helpful. It makes sure that your hair lays down after each of your intense wave brushing session. No matter how curly your hair is, a du-rag will compress your hair & press them down to lock the moisture in & form some cool waves. Du-rags not only help by making waves but also help by keeping the waves in place.

How to wear your du-rag right to make waves:

We have discussed how du-rags work their magic on your hair. Now, let us inform you how you should wear your du-rag so that you can achieve the best waving results. To start, you have to finish your hair brushing session. When you complete your brushing, it is time to wear your du-rag. You will find many wave durags in the market. We suggest you buy a thin one. Thin du-rags are best for waving because you can conveniently wash the excess shampoo off your hair without having to open the du-rag. Du-rag pressurizes your curly hair to train them to stay in their place & to keep themselves laid down. As a result, you get beautiful waves on your hair.

Wearing the du-rag requires technique as well. If you do not do it right, you are probably not going to get excellent waving results & you will also notice stripe marks left on your forehead. You don't want that to happen. Follow these simple steps to wear your du-rag right to get the perfect waving results & also avoid the ugly stripe marks:

  • Take your du-rag in your hands & identify the front & back section of it. The front part will cover the front part of your head & the other section will be at the back of your head. The back section is longer than the front one. The du-rag should come with two side straps that will help you tie the du-rag around your head. Identify all these & proceed to the next step.
  • After you have determined which part goes where it is time to wear the du-rag. Cover your forehead just up to your eyebrows. Do not cover your ears or brows; just keep the du-rag on top of them.
  • When you place the du-rag on your front, the other section of the du-rag will automatically lay down your back of the head & neck.
  • Now, work with the side straps of the du-rag. Bring one part of the strap over one of your ears & hold it tight under your teeth. Now, wrap the other side strap around your head in a flat condition. It must be flat or else you will get stripe marks on your forehead.
  • Lastly, take the other end of the strap that you are holding with your teeth. Flatten it & wrap it around your head & you will notice both the straps waiting for you to tie them at the back of your head. Just tie them up tight & you are done.


So, that was how du-rags help you to get superb 360 waves. We also mentioned how you should wear them to get the best results & avoid stripe marks. We hope you enjoyed reading our article. If you have any thoughts regarding our article, share them with us in the comment section below. Take care & thank you again for reading!

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