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How Common is Female Dryness? Get Answers to Your Biggest Questions About Feminine Hygiene

Female Dryness

You’ve probably heard that some women experience vaginal dryness, but did you know that it’s an extremely common issue? The causes for vaginal dryness are easy to diagnose and there are many home remedies for dryness, especially with so many resources available online today! Don’t worry, you don’t have to suffer through it thinking you’re the only one. In this post, we’ll talk about some of the common causes of vaginal dryness, how you can take care of it at home and how to prevent it in the future.

Just How Common Is It?

You’ll likely be in disbelief to find out that nearly 50% of women with vaginas of the age of 50 experience dryness. Younger women can experience dryness as well, and it has everything to do with the hormone levels in your body. The more estrogen you have, the more natural lubrication you’ll retain. When your hormone levels drop, that’s when you experience the uncomfortable symptoms of vaginal dryness including itching, pain when sitting down, pain while urinating and during intercourse. These symptoms can be extremely difficult or impossible to ignore, so it’s important to know what your body needs to combat these symptoms and restore your body's natural lubrication. Let’s talk next about some factors that can increase your chances to experience dryness.

Factors That Cause Dryness

As we mentioned above, age plays a big factor in vaginal dryness. Women going through menopause are much more likely to experience dryness as your hormone levels drop. But it’s not just age that plays a factor, it can also be caused by common ailments such as yeast infections, UTI’s and even vitamin deficiencies or poor diet. Another surprising culprit is a person’s mental state. When someone feels anxious or depressed, it decreases blood flow to the genitals and sends that blood to other parts of the body which can cause dryness. Next, let’s talk about some dietary changes you can make to help remedy and prevent vaginal dryness.

Foods to Help With Dryness

Anything we put into our bodies is going to effect our entire system, including our sexual organs. One super food you can try are foods with fatty acids like Omega 3. Fish and fish products are typically loaded with fatty acids and they’re a great thing to try for increasing blood flow, which can help with natural lubrication. Additionally, foods with a high pH such as yogurt and probiotic drinks are extremely healthy for vaginal health. These foods can help prevent irritation and infections that lead to dryness and uncomfortable symptoms.

Vitamins such as A, C, D and E can also help promote natural lubrication. Women’s daily multivitamins are available over the counter at any drugstore, so make sure you pick some up and start taking those right away if you’re not already!

Natural Home Remedies

You may not know this, but there are natural home remedies on the market that contain a low dose of estrogen to help relieve dryness and calm symptoms. These hormonal creams are applied directly to the vulva to deliver a lower dose of estrogen than would be needed if you were taking a pill or using a patch. Hormonal treatments can be iffy for some women, and localized cream may be a great solution if that’s the case for you. This can also help with pain during intercourse, as these creams are also natural moisturizers. Additionally, you can try natural over the counter personal lubricants for immediate use! Pain during sex is a common symptom of vaginal dryness, and over the counter lubricants can help you maintain your sex life. Believe it or not, this can actually help increase your natural lubrication by providing stimulation!

Things to Avoid For Prevention

You should always avoid vaginal health products that contain things such as scents, extracts or dyes. These compounds can throw off the bacterial balance in your body and actually exacerbate the symptoms, making it worse for longer. The same is true for douching, avoid using these products as they can also throw off your body's natural rhythm. Preventing and treating vaginal dryness is all about restoring your body’s natural chemistry to do what it does naturally. Introducing unnatural products and chemicals will ultimately cause you way more discomfort than relief.

To sum it all up, vaginal dryness is extremely common, and extremely uncomfortable, but it doesn’t have to be something you suffer through. There are many natural remedies such as topical hormone creams to increase your estrogen levels, or introducing foods with high pH and fatty acids. Things like cranberry juice can help relieve symptoms when dryness is caused by a UTI or yeast infection, and over the counter lubricants are a great solution to decrease pain during intercourse. Take the steps to take care of your body and start feeling your best again today!

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