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How to Clean the SMOK Nord 4

If you own the SMOK Nord 4 pod system, chances are that you’re a pretty big fan of it. SMOK really pulled out all the stops when designing this device, and they came up with something that offers an absolutely stellar combination of ease of use and high-end performance. The Nord 4 is equally perfect in the hands of an experienced vaper or a complete beginner.

If the SMOK Nord 4 is your first vaping device, though, you need to learn a few things about maintenance if you want to have the best possible experience – and one of the most important maintenance tasks is keeping your device clean.

Why is it so important to know how to clean the SMOK Nord 4? For one thing, the device may not work properly if it isn’t clean. A dirty port may prevent the device from charging. If a pod leaks and contaminates the contacts at the top of the Nord 4, the device may not work at all. Likewise, it’s important to keep your pod clean. You may even find it useful to clean your coils instead of simply discarding them when the flavor begins to change. A clean device produces big, flavorful clouds – and that’s exactly what you want.

So, how do you clean the SMOK Nord 4? In this article, we’ll walk you through it.

How to Clean the SMOK Nord 4 Device

Cleaning the body of the SMOK Nord 4 is simple. If the device is contaminated with grease or stray fingerprints, simply wipe the grime away with a lint-free cloth. You should also check the device’s charging port for contaminations such as pocket lint and dust. If the port is blocked, the contacts on the charging cable may have difficulty connecting to the contacts in the port – and in that case, the Nord 4 may not charge. Use a toothpick to clean the charging port.

How to Clean the SMOK Nord 4 if a Pod Leaks

As we mentioned above, cleaning the main body of the SMOK Nord 4 device is the easy part. Mainly, it’s just a matter of polishing the device periodically to keep it looking clean and shiny. The other Nord 4 cleaning tasks are a bit more complicated, and they’re infinitely more important. Suppose, for instance, that a pod leaks. In that case, you need to clean your device immediately. Otherwise, the e-liquid could foul the device’s contacts and prevent the pod from making a good connection. E-liquid could even contaminate the device’s interior and cause damage to its electronic components.

If you remove the pod from your Nord 4 and find e-liquid under it, you need to act quickly to prevent damage to the device. Set the pod aside and dry the interior of the device thoroughly with a paper towel. If the leak is severe, blow firmly through the Nord 4 while holding a paper towel over the bottom of the device. That should help to remove any e-liquid that might be caught inside the Nord 4. If a leak causes your device to stop working, try sealing it in a plastic bag with dry rice or desiccant packets for a day or two. With luck, the device will work when you remove it from the bag.

How to Clean the SMOK Nord 4 Pod

One of the things that makes the SMOK Nord 4 such a great vaping device is the fact that the pod is semi-permanent, and the coil is replaceable. With many other pod systems, the coil is a permanent part of the pod, which means that you have to discard the entire pod when the flavor quality is no longer acceptable. That can become expensive over time because replacement pods aren’t cheap. With the SMOK Nord 4, you can replace the coil and keep the pod. You’ll save money that way over the long term.

One of the problems with having a semi-permanent pod, though, is that the flavor quality of your Nord 4 will decrease if you use the same pod for a long time without ever cleaning it. That’s particularly likely to happen if you’re the type of person who likes to change flavors constantly. The flavors of the e-liquids you’ve used previously will contaminate the pod, muting the flavor of the vape juice you’re currently using. To prevent that from happening, you need to get the residue out of the pod.

To clean the SMOK Nord 4 pod, remove the coil and open the pod’s stopper. Immerse the pod in a bowl of warm water, holding the pod under the surface of the water to ensure that it fills completely. Agitate the pod gently to dissolve the e-liquid residue. Remove the pod and tap it gently to remove the water. If the pod isn’t completely clean, immerse it again. When you’re done cleaning the pod, leave it out for a day to air dry. You may find it helpful to have an extra pod. That way, you can use one pod while waiting for the other pod to dry.

How to Clean the SMOK Nord 4 Coil

When you’re no longer happy with the flavor quality of your SMOK Nord 4, you’ll ordinarily replace the coil to restore the device’s original flavor. Coils can become expensive if you replace them constantly, though, and you may find that you can save a little money by cleaning your Nord 4 coils instead of throwing them away. Cleaning a coil will remove much of the residue stuck to the coil’s heating surface, restoring some of its original flavor.

To clean the SMOK Nord 4 coil, prepare a bowl of very hot water. Place the coil in the water and stir gently to produce some agitation. As you stir, the water may change color slightly, and dark flecks may float away from the coil. If the water becomes very dirty, replace it with fresh water. After several minutes of stirring, remove the coil from the water and leave it out to dry for a day.

Cleaning a SMOK Nord 4 coil won’t quite make it taste like a new coil, but it will certainly improve the flavor quality – and in the long run, cleaning your coils can help you save a lot of money. If you clean and reuse each coil just once before throwing it away, you’ll cut the amount of money that you spend on replacement coils in half.

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