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How to Celebrate 4/20 Responsibly

The month of April is right around the corner and with that comes every stoners favorite holiday - 4/20. The yearly tradition of celebrating the marijuana plant and culture has continued to gain popularity over the last few decades. Now, retailers who do not handle marijuana products are even getting in on the festivities. Once corporate America is involved in something, it is apparent that it is a big deal. Furthermore, when a holiday continues to gain ground in terms of awareness and engagement, the festivities surrounding it tend to grow larger and more sensational.

No matter how you look at it, any marijuana product that is consumed by a person is a mind-altering substance. This person does not think or act as they usually do having not gotten high. This is not a bad thing. However, it is something to be mindful of as these changes can induce consequences. When the monumental size of the 4/20 celebrations are paired with the mind-altering nature of the marijuana products, it can create an unsafe environment for users or those in the vicinity. Seeing as driving while drinking is illegal, it is important to note the words of actor James Franco, “I don’t consider weed to be any worse than having a beer.”

This begs the question of, how does one celebrate 4/20 responsibly? We spoke with a handful of people in the know to find out.

Stay hydrated

Brandon Sunny is the CEO of Royal Moon, a brand offering highly-concentrated CBD products. He suggests checking in on water intake while celebrating.

“Whether you’re smoking or not, hydration is necessary for your body. Water makes up more than half of our bodies so it makes sense that you would need to constantly keep that number up. When it comes to 4/20, if you’re dehydrated, you’re not going to have the holiday experience you’re looking for. Obviously, there’s the whole dry mouth situation. But, if your body chemistry is out of sorts from a lack of hydration, you’re more likely to have that unpleasant high we all try to avoid. All in all, drinking enough water is good for you in so many ways but if you’re going to do anything for 4/20, keep a water bottle handy.”

Be ready

Holidays of all types have a way of bringing about forgetfulness or conversely, stress. Peels is a business providing CBD products sourced from oranges. Their founder and CEO, Chris Hetherington, advises planning ahead in order to avoid these.

“I think we’ve all had the experience of showing up to the take-out restaurant five minutes before they close and placing an order. The hours of operation state that the restaurant is open but the employees are about as close to clocked out as they’ll be without actually doing so. They’re also irritated. Between these interpersonal elements and the fact that showing up with a few minutes to spare may leave you high and dry, it’s critical to be ready with everything and anything you need to celebrate 4/20. Irritating a store employee is never pleasant. But, not celebrating the holiday because you didn’t plan a few extra minutes? That’s a real low.”

Do not ignore quality

mode specializes in mind and body wellness products from organic hemp. Their creative director, Jorge Vivar, considers high-grade items a requirement for enjoying the holiday.

“Stoner culture has gained a bit of a reputation over the years for demonstrating ingenuity with no consideration for the safety of something. For example, there are a few people out there who have, or know someone who has, smoked marijuana out of an old pop can. This is the same as inhaling melted paint and the aluminum making up the can. There’s no doubt that the desired end result was achieved in this scenario but we must ask, at what cost? Spend the extra money to buy something that will not actively harm your body. After all, you only get one of them.”

What’s in it?

Jason Reposa is the founder and CEO of Good Feels, a brand offering cannabis infused seltzers. He cautions others to take a close look at the packaging of an item so as to understand its potency.

“There’s really never been a better time to use marijuana items than right now. Our forefathers not only struggled with legality but also with lack of knowledge regarding what’s in their marijuana form of choice. Thanks to modern science, consumer demand, and legal regulations, you can now know exactly how much THC you would be consuming with a particular product as well as any strain related information. Don’t gamble your festivities on some unknown, corner-bought product. You never know what’s in it.”

Can you handle it?

Each person has a slightly different experience and receptiveness when it comes to marijuana. Mob Hookah is a business providing a wide selection of hookah products. Their CEO, Mehdi Marrakchi, proposes taking this into account when considering what to consume.

“Birthdays, New Years, and more all have a way of bringing out this side of us that just wants to let loose without any consequences. But our reality is that consequences are very real. If you drink too much, blacking out and a next-morning hangover are coming your way. If you get too high, there’s a myriad of symptoms that could appear, not of which are pleasant. So before you eat that brownie or hit that bowl, ask yourself, can I handle this amount safely? If not, consider reducing it in order to protect yourself and your holiday.”

Be respectful

Emjay specializes in marijuana delivery. Their CEO, Chris Vaughn, believes all plans and participating people should be sure to acknowledge and consider their surroundings.

“From football to Valentine’s day, some people simply don’t like certain things for personal reasons. The same applies to marijuana and 4/20. Be it the actual smell or the values associated with these things, there are people who don’t enjoy or want to be around marijuana. This is important to remember as you’re enjoying the day. Do your own thing but make sure you’re being respectful about it. There’s nothing worse than having a gathering interrupted by an upset neighbor so take precautions.”

As seen above, it really does not take much to be responsible when celebrating 4/20. On top of that, doing so is a wise decision for everyone involved. After all, legal and safe marijuana products are a benefit not every person has access to and that should be treated with a level of appreciation. Musician Bob Dylan summed this up, “A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.”

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