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How to Apply Lipstick for Perfect Lips Every Time

Great lips may truly make a statement about your sense of style, but how should you pick and use lipstick or gloss? When it comes to achieving gorgeous lips, there are undoubtedly a few dos and don'ts.

Anyone can pick up a lipstick and give it a swipe, but mastering the art of professional lipstick application can be the difference between having perfect lips and having a pout that falls short. Preparation is necessary to guarantee a smooth application of lipstick that lasts. Even better, there are a few cosmetic artists hacks you can employ to keep your lipstick from bleeding or splitting while simultaneously making your lips look adorably defined. 

Step-by-Step Lipstick Application Instructions

Prepare your lips for lipstick

You don't want your lips to be chapped and dry as you go about your day. To exfoliate and moisturize lips, use a soft, damp toothbrush and a hydrating lip balm. This will leave lips feeling smooth and looking healthy. To help the color last longer and stop it from bleeding, you can follow by applying a lip primer. Using a sugar scrub is another option for exfoliation.

Apply lipstick after making a solid base with a concealer

It's essential for your lipstick to have a base to hang onto if you are concerned about any type of staining or an uneven lip tone. This will prevent your lipstick from absorbing into your lips. Use a flat brush or a small fluffy brush to apply a small amount of concealer in a shade that matches your lip color. Seal the base by covering it with some compact. Also, it prolongs the wear of your lip color.

Use Lip Liners

For the ideal lip shape before applying lipstick, use a quality lip pencil. Use a good Dior Beauty lip liner to define, reshape, and perfect the contours of the lips so that you can maintain your natural lip line and keep your lipstick from looking smudged. By doing this, you'll get an appearance that is more definite, exact, and finished. To avoid feathering, trace your natural lip line using a liner that matches the color of your skin from one corner to the other. 

Put on your favorite lipstick

After completing the steps and selecting your lipstick, take some product onto a lip brush and distribute it evenly around your lips. Don't forget to look in the corners. Make careful use of it on the inner corners of your lined lips. Apply the color in layers, building up the intensity as desired. Generally, one thorough application of a nice lipstick is plenty.

Enhance Definition

After applying lipstick, define your lips slightly. To improve the contour of your lips, dab a tiny amount of concealer blushes on the borders. This step is optional, but if you want to give your lips a pouty appearance, add a very slight amount of lip gloss.

Key Advice and Precautions When Applying Lipstick

If you're a fan of lipstick, you might want to keep in mind this additional advice and suggestions.

  • Never pair a heavy lip liner with a light lip color; doing so will destroy your entire appearance.
  • Always properly blend out any lip liner lines by either using your fingertips or a Q-tip.
  • Learn about your lips and discover the formulas that suit you the best because each person's lips are different.
  • Always use a tissue to blot to get rid of extra product and even out the texture.
  • Apply some translucent loose powder to the lips and wait a few seconds to allow it dry to transform a glossy lip color into a matte look. To spread the powder, dab them with a flat or fluffy brush.
  • Use an angular brush to apply lipstick while using a brush. This assists in creating a more distinct appearance.
  • Apply some cream-based highlighter to create the appearance of plumper lips.
  • Never use expired lip cosmetics because they might trigger allergies and other health problems.
  • Store tester lipsticks should not be used because they have been on many lips and could spread illnesses.
  • Never put lipstick on chapped lips since it will highlight all of your creases and fissures.


Applying lipstick the correct way requires practice. First, you have to find a method that works for you and apply it with accuracy. You shouldn’t rush and take your time to practice how to apply lipstick. As you master your method, you will be able to put on lipstick as flawlessly as an expert makeup artist.

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