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Ways to Ensure Hospitals Improve
Access to Healthcare

Access to healthcare is a vital aspect of everyone’s life. It is, especially, true for the elderly and many low-income earners who might need help to access healthcare.

In America alone, 3.6 million people skip or delay medical appointments annually because they lack a means of transport to get to their respective healthcare facilities.

As people continue to age and develop chronic diseases, it is important for everyone to have regular access to healthcare. Apart from Medicaid Risk Adjustment, hospitals areinventing ways to help patients overcome these challenges.

Develop More Mobile Clinics

Mobile clinics are one of the best ways of bringing healthcare to people. They provide primary care services as well as preventive and dental care services from a truck, bus or van. These mobile clinics are equipped with the necessary technologies to provide healthcare services to both rural and urban areas.

The emergence of mobile clinics has resulted in a reduction in visits to the emergency room, in turn, bringing down costs in major hospitals.

Teaming Up with Independent Transportation Networks (ITN)

As people age, they outlive their ability to drive. Unfortunately, this has a big impact on their ability to reach medical care, especially since manyof the elderly are living with chronic diseases.

As such, teaming with Independent Transportation Networks can be a lifeline. Residents living in areas where ITN operates can schedule trips at any time of the day or night. ITN drivers are caring enough to help patients in and out of the car.

Currently, the elderly use ITN to run errands like going grocery shopping. It has over 25 affiliate communities and offers volunteer-based transportation for the elderly and people who are visually impaired.

Partner with Pop-up Clinics

To improve access to healthcare, hospitals need to partner with pop-up clinics to provide necessary medical services. Some of these services include preventive screening, condition-specific treatment etc.

Pop-up clinics attend to patients at little or no cost. Thou they are limited to short time frames; they have come a long way in providing quality healthcare to uninsured individuals among other people.

Additionally, pop-up clinics meet some of the immediate medical needs of patients and also, connect these patients with services that can help them deal with their conditions in the long-term.

Spread theWord About the Services You Offer

Just like any business, no one will be aware of the services you offer if you do not speak about them. In 2008, MIPPA act was passed by Congress. The act offered grants to organizations that dealt with low-income seniors to provide better preventive healthcare services.

For instance, they offer physical examinations that help detect diseases. They also promote the overall health and well-being of the patients, as well as provide referrals when the need arises. These services also include a variety of preventive services and screenings for popular conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular issues, and depression.

As such, it is important for hospitals to share information about the services they offer with the general public. When people are aware of these services, they tend to take a more proactive role in managing these conditions, reducing the overall cost of healthcare.

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