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Hormones and Their Influence by Age Phase
(with Infographic)

Our entire body is controlled by hormones. They are chemical messengers that affect our fertility, metabolism, and even our mood. Therefore HRT Resources gives you the following exploration of our hormone attitude for different age groups...

Hormones: 0 to 10 years

Hormones play a major role in our lives at every stage of life; from the very beginning. Normally, the growth hormone, also called somatotropin, regulates your growth by itself. It is produced in your brain, in which the so-called pituitary gland, which is located approximately in the middle of your head, plays a regulating role. How much of the growth hormone you make depends on your parents. 

If they are long, you will probably grow up, but if your parents are small, the chances of you getting tall are slim. By the way, as an adult later, you still need the right dose of growth hormone to feel healthy.

Hormones: 10 to 18 years 

Puberty means a deluge of hormones. Girls can count on this between the ages of nine and fourteen, boys between the ages of 11 and 17. In girls, everything about their body changes, the female sex hormone that ensures the growth of the breasts and the development of the uterus. The male sex hormone testosterone and a small amount of estradiol can note their puberty. 

Both start the growth spurt, thanks to the production of female hormones. Hence, the changes start earlier in girls. Unfortunately, this important transition period in your life is also often accompanied by pimples and mood swings. Do you get pubic hair before the age of eight or do genitals start to grow that will only turn later, then you have entered puberty too early. That does not have to be a problem, but the doctor can decide that it is good to do something about with hormones

Hormones: 18 to 45 years old

You are between 18 and 45 and in the prime of your life. Everything must be balanced in your hormone balance. It is time for love, career, and procreation. The latter in particular can turn things upside down. Women can become nauseous, tearful, or euphoric because of these hormones. 

American research shows that young fathers also suffer from hormone fluctuations. When your partner is pregnant, as a man you produce twenty percent more prolactin and estradiol, which also gives you a bit of a nesting urge. And you make a less testosterone, which makes you less aggressive and decreases your sex drive.

Hormones: after you turn 45

Old age comes with flaws, many of which are caused by the changes in our hormone system. For some, this means the phase of rest and contemplation and for others the decay and the approaching end. 

However you look at whether it is going down, the hormones fail a lot later in life. From the age of 45, as a woman, you produce less and less estrogen and testosterone, which can lead to a wide range of complaints, from hair loss to hot flashes and from painful joints to depression; the infamous menopause.

Around the age of 50 men can also experience complaints such as less sex drive, irritability, and sometimes even hot flashes. Yet 'menopause' is not a good name for this period in a man's life. Because unlike in women, men do not experience a very sharp decrease in the sex hormone. And it has not been scientifically proven that the complaints are a result of the decreased testosterone. The following infographic explains...

Guide about Testosterone

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