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Home Strength Training for Men and Women

A person who does not have the opportunity to regularly go to the gym should not refuse strength exercises at all. Home strength training will help to make your body more powerful and strong, develop muscles, and increase their size. You only need to acquire certain equipment and choose a set of exercises that will help you achieve what you want.

home strength training

Strength training with push exercises at home for men

To achieve noticeable results at home, you will need at least a pair of collapsible dumbbells. But it is better to purchase a barbell as well since without it full-fledged strength exercises often become impossible. Home strength training involves a large load, and it is difficult to achieve with improvised means

As for the exercises performed on the crossbar or on the uneven bars, you will have to do them on the street. Similar sports facilities can be seen in almost every yard or on the school grounds. 

Lean muscle workout plan:

Strength training at home for men can look like this:

1. The first training aimed at working out the chest and back will include the following exercises:

  • Twisting while lying down;
  • Barbell bench press;
  • Pulling to the chest;
  • Deadlift;
  • Bent over row;
  • Dumbbell pullover;
  • Dumbbell fly.

2. The second training aimed at working out the biceps, triceps and forearm, will include the following exercises:

  • Dips;
  • Leg raises;
  • Pull-ups;
  • French bench press;
  • Bending the arms with a barbell while standing;
  • Bending the arms with a barbell while sitting.

3. The third workout, aimed at working out the shoulder girdle and legs, will include the following exercises:

  • Raising legs on a chair;
  • Weighted Squats
  • Standing Bench press;
  • Seated Bench press;
  • Weighted lunges;
  • Dumbbell fly;
  • Slopes with weights.

You can do all exercises in 3, 4 or 5 sets from 6 to 12 repetitions, depending on the level of your training.

home strength training

Strength training for women at home: essentials of strength training and conditioning

Due to the peculiarities of the female anatomy, girls need to be engaged in a slightly different program than men. You yourself will see this if you watch the corresponding video tutorials. We also recommend you to visit downsizefitness website to learn more about workout plans and sport supplements.

Strength training for girls at home usually takes place with dumbbells. Moreover, it is recommended to choose them, depending on individual indicators of strength and endurance of the fair sex.

Workout sets for women:

You can do the following program.

1. The first training will include such exercises:

  • Crunches;
  • Weighted Squats
  • Deadlift;
  • French bench press;
  • Weighted lunges;
  • Back push ups.

You can add a few more exercises to different muscle groups if you want to increase the effectiveness of the lesson.

2. The second training will include such exercises:

  • Leg raises with a fixed body;
  • Push ups from the bench;
  • Walking on a bench with weights;
  • Side lunges with weights to the sides;
  • Tilts to the sides;
  • Calf raises with weights
  • Broach.

Strength training for girls at home can be done twice a week. But if you have good physical preparation and experience, their number is allowed to be brought up to 3 - 5. The main thing is to let the muscles rest.

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