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Home Care Compared to Assisted Living

Assisted living homes near you offer you the option of personal care and services to seniors with minimal needs. The primary purpose of such a service is to provide assistance and living residences that allow retirees and older individuals to live independently. The assistance service offers excellent support and a safe environment.

Assisted living is different from both the home care and the senior housing facilities. The residents of an assisted living community are older adults with decent health, but even these individuals will need some assistance from time to time. So, adults capable of living on their own with minimal assistance can stay away from the confines of a nursing home with the help of assisted living facilities. Keep in mind that there are strict rules regarding individuals that require medical assistance.

So, if you are looking for a service with medical assistance, then a quick internet search regarding home care in Queens will provide you with trained staff and medical caregivers for your needs. However, if it's just the personal care you require, then an assisted living community is just perfect. Check here to know what all facilities you can expect at an assisted living facility.

Features of an assisted living facility

Here are some of the features of an assisted living facility:

  • Telephones
  • Internet access
  • Fitness center
  • Post office
  • Salon/barbershop
  • Swimming pools

Now, let us have a look at the features of assisted living in detail...


Assisted living generally consists of three nutritious meals per day with snacks in between. Experts prepare the food under the supervision of a dietician with professional chefs. They use fresh ingredients as per government legislation. Individuals can enjoy the food at the common dining area or in their respective rooms.

The safety features

Any standard assisted living facility will have all the safety and security features as per the industry standard. It includes perimeter walls, guard posts, and fences, along with a closed-circuit camera. Private rooms have emergency calls buttons and other in-house facilities to maintain the best safety and security protocols.

Social activities

At these supported living facilities, seniors will have a great time due to recreational activities and social gatherings. Many facilities will have an activity director responsible for maintaining a list of activities and planned events to keep up the spirits. Participations are entirely voluntary, but it immensely improves the quality of life.

For the intellectuals

Several services offer senior residents learning opportunities, as well. Here an individual can attend book clubs, art classes, or even take lessons on a subject of choice. They assist collaborations with higher institutions, and one can even participate in a few lectures from time to time.

Medication management

With age, forgetfulness sets in, so it is vital to make the elderly remember their medicines and schedules. Assisted living will provide for staff who are duty-bound to enquire about medicine schedules and provide reminders.

For transport

An adult individual is not confined to the community. They are free to come and go, and to that end, the community center usually arranges for transport for individuals who can no longer drive safely. You can go out for shopping, doctor appointments, and sightseeing.

Housekeeping and maintenance

There is no point burdening older adults with the daily chores of housekeeping and maintenance of the place. Therefore a host of professionals perform the tidying up work to ensure every apartment and living quarters is in perfect order and cleaned multiple times per day. It allows your elderly family member to kick-back on the couch and relaxes after years of hard work.

Accessing medical services

Assisted living services will arrange for periodic medical check-ups and doctor visits. These visits will ensure that every resident is in perfect health. Depending on an individual's condition, a doctor can prescribe hospital care or permanent assisted living and isolation.

Assistance with daily living

At a professional assisted living facility, the help is only a call away. An experienced professional attends to the daily tasks of living, and the list includes dressing, hygiene, bathing, mobility, and shopping. It is one of the significant advantages of assisted living, as 24-7 supervision is exceptionally crucial for elderly individuals.

Living arrangement

When it comes to the actual living arrangement, an elderly individual has a lot of options. There are choices regarding the type of home to retire, the number of living quarters, single rooms, studio rooms. Do you require a kitchen, dining area, and living room? There are walk-in closets, bedrooms, and attached bathrooms available as well. Not only that, several services will allow your friend to move in with you and live together under the same roof. It will also enable you to save on costs.

That is how an assisted living facility is different from home care. Choose exactly the type of care you need. Take care!

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